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Collegiate Chapters are designed to get SAE student
members to get together on their campus and develop
skills in a student-run and elected environment. Student
members are vital to the continued success and future
of SAE, and Collegiate Chapters on campus are a great
way to develop valuable skills. All chapter officers have
access to the toolkit (
SitePages/About.aspx), which will help them run a
successful chapter. We want you to run a successful
chapter year after year, regardless of what officers
graduate. Therefore, we wanted to create a succession
plan that would help you remain constant. Look for it in
the toolkit, because it is coming soon!

This program allows you to invite an industry expert to speak to your
Collegiate Chapter, for free. SAE has a collection of speakers available
to speak on a wide array of topics, and we are always bringing on more
speakers (so stay tuned into Member Connection for announcements).
One of our speakers, Dr. Mohamed Zaher, talks about several different
topics, such as cybersecurity, and why it is important to get different
engineers in sync for product development lifecycles. Or, invite Larry Rinek
to discuss preventable defects in aircraft design and materials. Learn more
and see all of our speakers at
Please note this benefit is available to current SAE Collegiate Chapters.
If you have a Collegiate Design Series Team (Formula, Baja, Aero Design,
etc.), this does not guarantee that you have a chapter. Not sure if you
have a chapter? Don't have one formed yet? Reach out to Abby Hartman,

Join us for our next SAE
Subject Matter Expert
(SME) Technical Discussion
March 19-20 in Member
Connection (connection. We will be
discussing "women in
leadership roles within
the mobility industry."
Our hosts will include,
among others, authors
Elizabeth Champion will be
and contributors from the
among those discussing the
SAE-published book, The
topic of "women in leadership
Road to the Top is Not on
roles within the mobility
the Map: Conversations
with Top Women of the
Automotive Industry. This book, and the chat, will talk
about habits, motivations, triumphs, defeats, and lessons
learned of some of the top women leaders. Connect with
our experts and bring your questions and comments
to Member Connection. Also in Member Connection,
a Virtual Mentor Mixer on the topic of "Women in
Engineering" has been scheduled for May 7-8.

WCX 2020 is next month, April 21-23 in
Detroit, Mich., and as an SAE Student
Member, you can register for free (regular
registration for professionals is $2,095).
There are over 800 hours of technical
program sessions to choose from, as well as
attend keynote presentations, networking
opportunities, and ride-and-drive demos.
Plus, stop by the Member Lounge and meet
the Membership Team-ask us any questions
Industrial Lecturer Maura
about your benefits, grab a complimentary
Chmielowiec will speak at WCX.
cup of coffee, or just say hi. Also, be sure
to look out for push notifications from
the Membership Team through the WCX app. We are also hosting SAE
Member and new Industrial Lecturer Maura Chmielowiec to talk about her
SAE journey and how membership has ultimately helped her career with
GM. She'll be available to answer questions after the presentation.
The Membership Team will be onsite at the SAE Aero Design East
competition March 6- 8 in Lakeland, Fla. Be sure to come find us and ask
us any questions you might have about your membership, or tell us your
ideas for new benefits and activities. Student Membership, after all, is for
you, to provide you with tools to become the best engineer you can be.

We know this is a busy time of year - Collegiate Design
Series competitions, SAE's flagship events, and spring
break. SAE has partnered with several car rental
companies (Hertz, Dollar, and Thrifty Car Rental) to
save you money on your next road trip. We also have
many opportunities to save on hotels through our
Travel Savings Center. You need to get places, and you
shouldn't pay more than you have to. Go to
membership/benefits to get SAE Members-only codes
and links for your savings.

2003_benefits_u_3.indd 3

SAE International has many benefits to help you navigate your
educational and professional careers, but we also offer other benefits
to help you in your personal life. One important thing to remember is to
occasionally take a break and enjoy life. That's why we have partnered
with MemberDeals, which offer deals on everything from travel, to movie
tickets, to concerts, and more. Take a quick break from school and find
something fun, at
March 2020 3

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Momentum - March 2020

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Momentum - March 2020

Momentum - March 2020
Building a career in mobility
Making sense on sensors
Victory at last
Keeping it light
GM’s Cruise self-driving vehicle built for upgradable hardware
New seal improves performance
SAE 101: personal and financial well-being, SAE style
SAE 101: personal and financial well-being, SAE style
Dossier: Noah Lukins of May Mobility
Occupational benefits of competing in technical collegiate competitions
Momentum - March 2020 - Momentum - March 2020
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Momentum - March 2020 - Contents
Momentum - March 2020 - Building a career in mobility
Momentum - March 2020 - BENEFITS U
Momentum - March 2020 - Making sense on sensors
Momentum - March 2020 - 5
Momentum - March 2020 - 6
Momentum - March 2020 - Victory at last
Momentum - March 2020 - 8
Momentum - March 2020 - 9
Momentum - March 2020 - Keeping it light
Momentum - March 2020 - 11
Momentum - March 2020 - BRIEFS
Momentum - March 2020 - 13
Momentum - March 2020 - GM’s Cruise self-driving vehicle built for upgradable hardware
Momentum - March 2020 - New seal improves performance
Momentum - March 2020 - SAE 101: personal and financial well-being, SAE style
Momentum - March 2020 - SAE 101: personal and financial well-being, SAE style
Momentum - March 2020 - Dossier: Noah Lukins of May Mobility
Momentum - March 2020 - 19
Momentum - March 2020 - Occupational benefits of competing in technical collegiate competitions
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