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FOR LEADING ADVANCEMENTS in global automotive
product development and engineering, as well as
philanthropic commitments to revitalizing the Detroit
metro area, General Motors President Mark Reuss has
earned the SAE Foundation Industry Leadership Award.
He will be recognized at the SAE Foundation Annual
Celebration in Detroit on May 14, 2020.
"Mark Reuss embodies the spirit of our Industry
Leadership Award, and we're proud to honor him
with this recognition. His enthusiasm and meaningful
contributions to the mobility industry serve as an
inspiration that our future leaders aspire to for years
to come," said Lori Gatmaitan, Director of the SAE
Foundation. "Not only has Mark made significant
contributions to the mobility industry through his roles
at General Motors, but he has also championed the
development of the mobility community and future
automotive engineers by spearheading events and
General Motors President Mark Reuss is the 25th recipient of the SAE Foundation's
creating student development programs for underserved prestigious honor.
youth in metro Detroit and Flint."
"One of the most important tasks we have as industry
them to design, build, and test the performance of vehicles in
leaders is to support and encourage the education of
a variety of mobility industries. All CDS competitions prepare
the next generation of engineers, from all walks of life,"
undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of disciplines for
said Reuss. "No one knows that better than SAE and the
future employment in mobility-related industries by challenging
SAE Foundation, with its long history of supporting and
them with hands-on engineering design projects that require refining
promoting awareness and enthusiasm for STEM subjects
their skills in budgeting, communication, and project management.
among children and younger students. I'm proud and
In 2016, SAE's CDS portfolio was expanded with the introduction of
humbled to receive such an honor from an organization as
AutoDrive Challenge™, in partnership with General Motors. AutoDrive
prestigious, and committed, as the SAE Foundation."
Challenge™ university teams develop and demonstrate autonomous
The Industry Leadership Award recognizes individuals
vehicles (AV) that can navigate urban driving courses as described
who have made meaningful contributions to the mobility
by SAE J3016™ Level 4 automation. GM and SAE recently announced
industry. Nominees must have achieved a significant
the continuation of this partnership with AutoDrive Challenge™ II.
level of success in their STEM careers, demonstrated
Participating universities will be selected through an RFP process and
innovation and risk taking, established a new direction or
will be announced in 2021. In 2020, SAE AeroConnect Challenge was
developed a position that challenged their industry, and
launched as the inaugural student engineering design competition in
made contributions outside of their industry, exemplified
the SAE Emerging Technology Series, which provides an opportunity
through community education, philanthropic, or
for students to think critically about current and future emerging
government activities.
technologies in the mobility engineering industry. There are 13 CDS
The SAE Foundation Annual Celebration raised just
events held annually across the United States and Canada. In 2019, the
under $300,000 at the 2019 event and over $6 million
programs had 11,250 student participants across 722 university teams.
since its inception in 1997. It is the organization's largest
*	 SAE administers a portfolio of 61 awards presented to industry
fund-raiser. Funds go to support SAE International's
and academia professionals and students. These individuals are
various activities, as follows:
recognized for their exceptional accomplishments, innovations,
*	 The award-winning A World in Motion (AWIM) program
leadership, dedication to education, and literary works in the mobility
for children in kindergarten through eighth grade.
engineering world.
Since 1990, more than 6 million students and 30,000
*	 Through generous contributions from various individuals,
volunteers across North America have participated in
corporations, and universities, SAE International is proud to award
this award-winning educational program.
scholarship money to both undergraduate and graduate engineering
*	 The SAE Collegiate Design Series (CDS) competitions
students. In 2019, SAE's 17 scholarships awarded over $100,000 to
take students beyond textbook theory by enabling
36 deserving students.


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GM deploying electricals of the future in new architecture
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