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If you want to be a future rock star in the
mobility industry, I've got fantastic news. You've
already taken a great first step by becoming
an SAE Student Member. Not only do you
have premier access to a host of educational
and career-development resources, you
also have the opportunity to get noticed by
publishing a paper through a members-only
tech paper competition or by showcasing your
hands-on experience by competing in one
of SAE's renowned Collegiate Design Series
Donna Edenhart,
(CDS) programs. The bottom line is that SAE
SAE Director,
cares about your future, and we work hard
Membership & Sections
to ensure that we are providing you with the
opportunities you need-not just to succeed,
but to totally crush it.
Another fabulous way to help get you ready for your breakout industry
debut is to form an SAE Collegiate Chapter at your school. Being an
active participant of a chapter will give you the chance to network
with your peers, faculty, and seasoned industry professionals; develop
valuable real-world skills; and increase your overall knowledge base.
An absolute must for chapters is to take advantage of the Industrial
Lecture Series (North America only, please). SAE will send one of the
industry's finest minds, for FREE, to your campus to provide a technical
presentation, participate in a shop or laboratory tour, or give you
practical advice about how to land your dream job. We have an amazing
lineup of speakers to choose from on Interested chapters should
email for more information.
One additional huge perk is that SAE reimburses dues dollars for
each student in the chapter to help support additional activities. At
SAE, we don't just say we care; this organization puts its money where
its mouth is.
Chapters are student-run, which means that all officers are elected
by their peers. Students in nearly 150 chapters around the world are
gaining valuable skills, helping to shape programming and manage the
finances of their SAE Collegiate Chapter. Serving as a chapter officer
will look great on a resume and give you a competitive edge in the
workforce. If you want that edge, then all you need to do is throw your
hat in the ring.
One important note: If you have a CDS team on your campus, that is
not the same thing. Chapters and CDS teams are separate entities. But
don't worry, you can have both! Contact today
to find out how you can start a new SAE Chapter in your life!

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2 April 2020

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Patrick Ponticel
Editor, Member Magazines
Corey Dillon
Member Relations Specialist
Donna Edenhart
Director, Membership & Sections
Abby Hartman
Local Activities Specialist
Amanda Hildabrand
Membership Manager
Nicole Iorfido
Developer, Volunteer Engagement
Ashley Ward
Volunteer Engagement Associate

Ryan Pristow
Creative Manager
Brian Fell
Senior Graphic Designer
Corey Bellis
Graphic Designer
William L. Schall
Senior Production Artist
Lucy Matyjaszczyk
Freelance Production Artist

Todd Zarfos
2020 President
Paul Mascarenas, OBE
2019 President
Jeff Hemphill
2021 President
Pascal Joly
Vice President - Aerospace
Ken Washington, PhD
Vice President - Automotive
Michael Weinert
Vice President - Commercial Vehicle
Andrew Jeffers
David L. Schutt, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Gregory L. Bradley, Esq
Landon Sproull
Jeff Varick
Rhonda Walthall

SAE International Sections

SAE International sections are local units comprised of 100 or more SAE International members
in a defined technical or geographic area. The purpose of local sections is to meet the technical,
developmental, and personal needs of the SAE members in a given area. For more information,
please visit

SAE International Collegiate Chapters

Collegiate Chapters are a way for SAE International student members to get together on their
campus and develop skills in a student-run and -elected environment. Student Members are vital
to the continued success and future of SAE. While your course work teaches you the engineering
knowledge you need, participation in your SAE collegiate chapter can develop or enhance other
important skills, including leadership, time management, project management, communications,
organization, planning, delegation, budgeting, and finance. For more information, or for how to
find your local chapter, please visit


400 Commonwealth Drive
Warrendale, PA 15096
+1.724.772.8577; +1.724.776.3393 (FAX)


+1.724.776.4970 (Outside U.S. & Canada)
Fax: +1.724.776.0790

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Momentum - April 2020

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Momentum - April 2020
Start a new SAE Chapter in your life
Focused on design
Taking the classroom to the racetrack
Great moments happen due to the work of many
ONE-ON-ONE – Emily Kerr
Sticking to the schedule
GM deploying electricals of the future in new architecture
Myers Awards winners named
SAE 101: Industry Leadership Award
Dossier: Justin Lange of John Deere
Focusing on the ‘E’ in STEM
Momentum - April 2020 - Momentum - April 2020
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Momentum - April 2020 - Start a new SAE Chapter in your life
Momentum - April 2020 - BENEFITS U
Momentum - April 2020 - Focused on design
Momentum - April 2020 - 5
Momentum - April 2020 - 6
Momentum - April 2020 - Taking the classroom to the racetrack
Momentum - April 2020 - 8
Momentum - April 2020 - Great moments happen due to the work of many
Momentum - April 2020 - ONE-ON-ONE – Emily Kerr
Momentum - April 2020 - 11
Momentum - April 2020 - Sticking to the schedule
Momentum - April 2020 - 13
Momentum - April 2020 - BRIEFS
Momentum - April 2020 - GM deploying electricals of the future in new architecture
Momentum - April 2020 - Myers Awards winners named
Momentum - April 2020 - SAE 101: Industry Leadership Award
Momentum - April 2020 - Dossier: Justin Lange of John Deere
Momentum - April 2020 - 19
Momentum - April 2020 - Focusing on the ‘E’ in STEM
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