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Student Generation
chance to serve as our team manager and SAE chapter
president, stepping back from engineering to organize the
team's budget, finances, and competition logistics. I also
oversaw a board of engineers that managed the Baja SAE and
Formula SAE teams, organized recruiting events, and
coordinated sponsor visits. From these roles, I saw my own
leadership ability develop immensely, while watching our
chapter expand into the cohesive teams we have today.
At the same time, I had taken on another position that
would prove instrumental in developing my leadership ability: a
non-contracted cadet in the Army ROTC program. The Army
had not previously been a consideration for me, but I was
interested in learning about the aviation opportunities offered
by the military. After joining the ROTC program, I quickly
befriended my classmates as we learned about becoming
proficient leaders, running tactical missions, and staying
physically fit. I loved facing challenges I had never before
encountered, both physically and mentally. 
My third year, I continued my involvement with Baja SAE
and increased my participation in ROTC by joining the Ranger
Challenge competition team. Together we placed first at the
Brigade competition in Washington, then traveled to West
Point to compete against 49 other teams in the annual
Sandhurst competition, where we rucked 35 miles and
competed in 10 tactical events. It was around this time that I
knew I had to choose between contracting with the Army or
sticking with engineering. While both programs had provided
me with unparalleled experiences, I thought back to all of the
late nights spent working with my Baja SAE teammates, and of
how engineering had challenged me to think and work
creatively in ways I never had before. I went with my gut, and
have been really thankful I stuck with engineering.
Later that year, I was offered a seven-month internship at
Apple, where I worked as a soft goods developer with a team
of designers and engineers to prototype products made from
leather, textiles, and plastics. Although I had never previously
worked with these materials or processes, my experiences in
Baja SAE had prepared me to work in a machine shop and
allowed me to quickly pick up the new machine processes and
tools. I loved my time at Apple, and it was made possible
because of the skills I learned through Baja.
I am currently on an internship as a design engineer at
Micro-Vu and will continue there through this fall. Then I plan to
go back to Apple in winter and spring, returning to Cal Poly in
fall 2021. Hopefully, I will get my pilot's license sometime next
year. I expect to graduate with a bachelor's degree in
mechanical engineering in spring 2022.
My time as a Baja SAE student has been invaluable and will
continue to shape my engineering career as I finish at Cal Poly
and move forward. n
Robyn Ribet, a Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo student
studying mechanical engineering, wrote this article for
MOMENTUM. Over four years on the school's Baja SAE
team, she has served as chassis design lead, team
manager, and SAE chapter president.


She expects to get her private pilot's license in 2021.
Completing a
rappel with the
Army ROTC.

With her Baja SAE teammates in the shop.

October 2020 11


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