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Texas A&M team
uses engineering
techniques to
optimize the
design process
for RC plane
Texas A&M's Regular Class
championship plane climbs at
the SAE Aero Design East 2020
competition in Lakeland, Fla.
FOR MOST ENGINEERS,the business end of projects is often a
stale domain that limits creativity and sets unrealistic
expectations; it is the last thing an aerospace engineer wants
to focus on when designing a plane. Texas A&M University's
SAE Aero Design team found a way to combine the
engineering approach of control systems with the
management goals of a project team to break the barrier
between assigning and doing design work.
Consider a scenario in which a small rover must start at
point A, cross a field, and reach point B. One team decides they
will analyze the field and its obstacles, as well as the various
paths between point A and B. Using historical data from the
rover's motion, a code is constructed to automatically drive
between the two points, accounting for every bump and rut
the rover will encounter on its fixed path. If all goes to plan, the
rover's start and end time are known, as well as the obstacles it
will encounter and a method to overcome them. Another team
equips the rover with sensors that look at the surroundings,
and immediately the vehicle starts towards point B. As it
encounters an obstruction, it attempts to move past with
various techniques, but keeps its eyes on point B. The rover's
end time is not known, nor are the obstacles, but it will
eventually reach the destination.
This physical problem mirrors a similar abstract problem:
the engineering design process. In the past, a plan-driven
system has guided teams with a comprehensive Gantt chart
and upfront research. This method is like hardcoding the rover,
or a team. At first it seems like everything is known. If all goes

12 October 2020

"Scrums" and "sprints" became part of the Texas A&M's SAE Aero Design
team's lexicon as it built a winning Regular Class plane for the SAE Aero
Design East 2020 competition.
accordingly, the rover efficiently reaches point B with minimal
waste and a met deadline. However, the rover code may have
missed something and found its way off course. The rover
stops at the expected time, but far away from point B.
Agile management, which started in software development,
has recently made its way to hardware design. It allows the
product development team to course-correct when problems
are encountered and always reach the desired destination,



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