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Catering to the younger Generation, SAE International has
accounts for its SAE Mobilus ( technicalresource platform on Twitter ( and
LinkedIn ( This makes it
easier for students and others to access the thousands of
technical papers, standards and other invaluable content on
the site.
"SAE Mobilus has resources that empower students and
professionals," SAE Mobilus project manager Poojan Chokshi
told MOMENTUM. "Students across some of the leading
universities of the world actively use the SAE Mobilus
platform through their university licenses. And upon
graduation, quite often we find that the company that a
student engages with or is going to engage with is already
using the SAE Mobilus platform or engaged with SAE in a
meaningful way. We want that relationship to continue. So,
we're there supporting the students right from the beginning
when they attend college and all the way through their
respective professional careers. It's a lifelong relationship, and
SAE Mobilus is a key technical resource that students as well
as professionals can turn to in order to find the latest trusted,
unbiased, and neutral content."
"We're also trying to follow an agile approach," Chokshi
continued, "which means we're trying to be very quick with
our development, so as students' needs change and as they go
through their professional career, the SAE Mobilus platform
gets developed and evolves to continually integrate and match
their growing and changing needs as a user." That thinking
was the impetus for the Twitter and LinkedIn moves.
SAE Mobilus launched in June 2016, replacing the less userfriendly SAE Digital Library. Like the old DL, SAE Mobilus is the
resource for SAE technical content in the form of collections,
and a subscription is required. Individual pieces of content,
such as a particular standard or technical paper, can be found

18 October 2020

on SAE Mobilus, but the user is directed to to
complete the individual purchase; no subscription is required
on However, content purchased via cannot be
used in SAE Mobilus-a moot point for students at universities
that have a subscription.
In 2017, SAE Mobilus platform moved from a subscriptiononly, or "hard paywall," to an open platform with a "soft
paywall." This means one need not be a subscriber to access
abstracts of the 226,000+ SAE standards, journal articles,
magazine articles, technical papers, and eBooks. A limited
number of documents are offered free to subscribers and nonsubscribers. To unlock the remainder of the content, nonsubscribers might want to try out a free 30-day trial that
includes features such as dynamic redlining, customizable
dashboard, personal document annotation, and downloadable
SAE Mobilus also has a user-notification function; for
example, instead of a user having to search for a possible
revision to a standard, the platform can automatically alert him
or her when a revision is made. The platform also allows for
notification based on preselected search criteria and filters;
additional notifications are being developed.
Currently, there are about 1,700 SAE Mobilus subscriptions
globally. n
By Patrick Ponticel, MOMENTUM editor

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Momentum - October 2020

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Momentum - October 2020
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Simulation’s next generation
SAE 101: SAE Mobilus
Practicing the ”art of learning”
Dossier: Juan Vasquez of Pariveda Solutions
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Momentum - October 2020 - Practicing the ”art of learning”
Momentum - October 2020 - Dossier: Juan Vasquez of Pariveda Solutions
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