Momentum - October 2020 - 8

Student Generation

team from Northern Illinois University placed
third at the 2020 SAE Supermileage competition.
It was NIU Supermileage's second straight thirdplace finish, following a second-place showing in
2017. It was also the team's 9th top-3 finish at
SAE Supermileage in the team's 11-year existence.
"I am humbled to have been given the
opportunity to lead, work alongside, and learn
from my team members, and I am very proud of
how we were able to succeed despite the
challenges we faced," NIU Supermileage
president/team captain Matt McCoy told
MOMENTUM. "This success, as always, was truly a
team effort that would not have been possible
without our motivated team members and
executive board, especially graduate advisor
Josh Helsper and vice president Lauren Bangert."
In addition to leading the 25-person team in
developing the high-mileage vehicle, McCoy
"created educational material for new members;
managed logistics, such as securing funding and
meeting with administrators from the College of
Engineering; as well as traditional administrative
He is returning to the team for the 2020-2021
season, with the intention to "transition out of
my role in order to train the incoming president,
Cade Larson, and executive board members," he

If not for cancellation of the dynamic portion of SAE Supermileage 2020 because of
COVID-19, this would have been the car (shown here with some body parts removed) that
ran on the track for the NIU Supermileage team.
continued. "By transitioning out of my traditional role as president in spring
2021, the new executive members can experience a semester of leading the
team while still having some backup from me if they need it. This plan will
allow for a very smooth transition with a minimal knowledge gap once the
current executive board members graduate in May 2021. I will also continue
to be the lead mechanical engineer on the team and help with various
administrative duties when needed, but my hope is for the new e-board to
be fully autonomous by the time I graduate."
McCoy expects to receive a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering
in May 2021. He was kind enough to answer a few questions from
MOMENTUM about the 2019-2020 NIU Supermileage team and its car.

"We recognized that the most
impactful project we could develop,
fabricate, and test in a year was a
complete overhaul of the engine."
Matt McCoy

NIU Supermileage president/team captain Matt McCoy is returning for the 2020-2021 SAE
Supermileage season.

8 October 2020

How satisfying was it for you to have led your
team to a third-place finish?
After navigating all of the challenges introduced
by COVID-19, taking third place as a team was
exceptionally satisfying, relieving, and moraleboosting. Throughout the time in which all
activities moved online, we were still capable of
developing a strong design report and
presentation to discuss all of our accomplishments



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