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Perspectives With Guest Co-Contributor Steven Rodgers SAMPE Past President and Consultant, EmergenTek LLC Sanford Moskowitz. Ph.D. Assistant Professor, St. Johns University Author of “The Advanced Materials Revolution: Technology and Economic Growth in the Age of Globalization.” Email: “Study the past if you would define the future.” - Confucius Taking Material Science To The Next Frontier: Models Of Past Material Innovations And How They May Impact The 21st Century “The American economy has long relied upon technological innovation to drive its economy. Today, basic investment in science and technology is once again taking center stage, as a cure for both our economic and environmental ills.” - Anthony Townsend, Research Director, Institute For The Future “By . . . 2030, over three-quarters of all economic growth will be attributable to the development and application of advanced materials.” - Sanford Moskowitz As we move solidly into the 21st Century, there are few who would dispute that advanced technologies form the engine that drives global economic development. There is also an increasing awareness that advanced materials and engineered materials provide the fuel for that engine. That awareness has led to such programs as the U.S. government’s Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) and the European Union’s materials-related Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs). As we look to the future we must first look at the history of materials innovation, beginning with these two questions: •How much have they really contributed economically and what does that trend look like going forward? •What models for innovation have been employed and how might they influence the approach to be used in the future? For the answers, let’s review what has taken place since the mid 1970’s, and see the trend lines into the mid 2030’s. We can do no better than to start with “The Advanced Materials Revolution: Technology and Economic Growth in the Age of Globalization”. The report shows the trends of advanced technology and their impact on economic growth in the U. S. on three macro sectors. (Figure 1) Next, let us look at the contribution of advanced and engineered materials to those same sectors. (Figure 2) Finally, let us compare the percentage of economic growth contributed by technology in general and by advanced and engineered materials specifically. (Figure 3) These data clearly show the trend of increasing dependence on advanced and engineered materials for the generation of new technologies that in turn contribute to economic growth. Defining the Scope of Advanced and Engineered Materials At this point we would be remiss if we did not attempt a comprehensive definition of the scope of advanced and engineered materials that comprise these statistics. You may already have guessed that these materials will not stop at advanced composites but extend to include a wide variety of materials and processes. In order to begin to comprehend the vast array of Advanced and Engineered Materials and Processes, ponder the contents of Table 1. The materials and processes are necessarily simplified, so it is possible that you will not find your favorite listed here. So certainly others that could have been mentioned, but this should be a good place to start. Figure 1. Impact of Advanced Technology on U. S. Economic Growth By % Contribution. 26 SAMPE Journal, Volume 48, No. 5, September/October 2012

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SAMPE Journal - September/October 2012
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SAMPE Journal - September/October 2012