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7th International Technical Conference & Forum 19th - 20th September 2012 Swiss Museum of Transportation, Lucerne, Switzerland Advanced Composites–Design & Process for Sustainability SETEC 12 of SAMPE Europe is an important conference dealing with aspects of advanced composite and applied material science. Today’s thermoset & thermoplastic matrix systems serve as the driver for ongoing research activities to improve the sustainability and performance of the in service and in the future needed advanced composite material systems. The aspects of “green fibres” and with some “green elements” in the matrix-systems is gaining importance and will starts to be applied on the industrial scale. Areas of focus: Materials Design NDT Thermoplastics NanoTechnology Processing Repair End of Lifecycle SAMPE Europe|SETEC 2012 With reference to this “Leitmotiv” the Scientific Committee of SAMPE Europe will select the most interesting and advanced papers to become presented in either a plenary or parallel sessions in Lucerne. Venue of SETEC 12 SETEC 12 will be held at the Swiss Museum of Transportation, located at Lucerne, in the heart of Switzerland. This museum presents an extended and extraordinary By courtesy of Swiss Airforce exhibition of all segments of transportation, starting at the time of the first HorsCoachs going over the Alps to Italy – to today’s high speed trains and modern civil aircrafts! Each SETEC 12 attendee will get a free entrance ticket to visit the Museum. To better plan your visit to the Museum, we recommend you to visit the homepage of the Verkehrshaus ahead of coming to Lucerne: under SETEC 12 Tabletop Exhibition The tabletop exhibition of SETEC 12 will consist of 30 tabletop units each equipped with a table (size 1600x800 mm) 2 chairs, and an energy outlet .The tabletop area will be located between the two conference rooms, and is integrated in the catering area where the Welcome Reception, the coffee breaks and the lunch will be served. Within the tabletop area a Swiss Village will be set-up for young start up companies, exhibiting their activities for the first time at an international exhibition. Hotel Accommodation & Lucerne Aspects The Museum of Transportation stands in an extended public park on the South-West shore of Lake Lucerne, with a magnificent view towards the lake and the Alps, SAMPE Europe has selected several close-by hotels which would allow the conference attendee to get to the Museum by walking. In addition a shuttle bus will provide transportation to those hotels in the start and end of the day. All details of the hotels will be published in the Preliminary Programme due to be available and published on internet at the end of May 2012. Hotel Seeburg Lucerne will be the official SETEC 12 hotel, with a contingent of 40 rooms reserved. The SETEC 12 conference dinner will be held at Hotel Seeburg on Wednesday evening, 19th September 2012. The city of Lucerne is considered as the heart of all Swiss tourist-centres and offers visitors extended possibilities of attractions for music & art, site-seeing or e.g. steam driven paddle ship cruises on Lake Lucerne, visits to Mount Pilatus going up by a ToothedWheel-Train – or to Mount Titlis with it’s glacier at an altitude of 3250 m on a rotating suspension cable-cabin allowing one to get snow in your hand, even during autumn. Lucerne’s state-of-the-art concert building enjoys a world reputation for its outstanding quality of sound. Therefore it is recommended that you may check the home-page of Lucerne Concert ( and ( attend, ahead of your SETEC 12 journey. All SETEC 12 attendees will get the opportunity to register for one of the two proposed companies to visit during the afternoon of Wednesday, September 19th. One of visits will be the PILATUS Aircraft Company located at the nearby Stans Airfield. PILATUS Aircrafts enjoy a world reputation for building outstanding Trainer Aircrafts (PC 9) and to built an excellent single-engine turboprop commuter PC21. The 2nd visit will be the headquarters and main base of RUAG Aviation at the Emmen Airforce Airfield where among other activities the Swiss Air-Force Hornet FA-18 aircrafts are serviced. To assist you to make your mind about which of the two works may attract please visit the respective home-pages: ( and ( Home) for further information on the two companies. For any related inquiry or question you will be welcomed to contact either: Prof. Paolo Ermanni ( Mark A. Erath ( Federal Technical University ACMC Consulting GmbH ETH Zürich, CH-8089 Zürich CH-4125 Riehen/Baselcountry For more detailed information, visite 32 SAMPE Journal, Volume 48, No. 5, September/October 2012 SETEC 12 Plant Tours

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