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34th International Technical Conference & Forum SAMPE Europe|SEICO 13 Announcement & Call for Papers 11th - 12th March 2013 • Paris, France Advanced Composites On Its Way To Industrialization Boeing‘s Phantom Eye flies on Hydrogen fuel. By courtesy of The BOEING Company SEICO 13 of SAMPE Europe is one the leading International Conference and Forum in the calendar of technical and scientific conference to advanced materials and process technology. Together with reference to thermoset and thermoplastic material systems SEICO 13 will cover also the presentation of the latest achievement in research, development and industrialization of a wide field of associated materials and technologies, applied for state-of-the-art composite systems. SEICO 13 will be organized again as a two days conference and forum with plenary and parallel sessions presenting an overall of approx. fifty-two top papers and keynotes presenting latest achievements form research, development, applications and industrialization of advanced materials and process technology. SEICO 13 will be guided by its theme “Advanced Composites On Its Way To Industrialization.” The keynote and paper to be presented will make reference on the newest developments and applications from aircrafts and space structures, mass transport systems, marine, car & truck, civil engineering and repair, CNG pressure vessels, wind craft and other energy generation, deep sea exploration, nano technology, adhesive bonding, composite tooling, sandwich structures, NDT & repair. SEICO 13 TO BE HELD In COOPERATIOn WITH JEC COMPOSITE SHOW 2013 Based on the long lasting cooperation between SAMPE Europe and JEC Composites, SEICO 13 will be organized at the Hotel Mercure, Paris Porte de Versailles Expo, 92174 Vanves, whilst JEC Composite 2013 will be set up at the Paris Expo Complex Porte de Versailles, which is located in a 8 minutes walking distance. On March 12th a free of charge Shuttle Bus will operate from 08.00 – 18.15 between Hotel Mercure, Vanves and the main entrance gate of JEC Composite Show at Paris Expo Complex. All SEICO 13 attendees will get free access with their SAMPE SEICO 13 Badge to the JEC Composite Show 2013! JEC Composite Show 2013 is an exhibition on composite materials and technology with over 1000 exhibitors on a stand area of 45000m² attracting 26,000 visitors from all over the world. Information on JEC Composite 2013 are available on Internet: • E-Mail: Fax + 33 1 58 36 15 51 • Phone + 33 1 58 36 15 01 Mail JEC Composite • 25, Blvd. de l’Admiral Bruix, F–75116 Paris SEICO 13 EXCELLEnCE In TECHnICAL LEADInG COnFEREnCE AnD FORUM With reference to the excellence acceptance of the new two days conference concept applied since SEICO 11 based upon plenary- and parallel sessions, SEICO 13 will be set up for the presentation of one two keynote address and 50 state-ofthe-art papers which will be searched and selected in a carefully prepared and guided process leaded by the Scientific Committee of SAMPE Europe. To provide to the attendees of SEICO 13 a maximum of opportunities to create new contacts to other attendees, specialists and colleagues, a welcome reception will take place on March 10th 2013 from 18.30 – 20.00 at Hotel Mercure, Vanves, as an integrated element of the registration package consisting of two lunches, daily coffee breaks, conference dinner & proceedings. COnFEREnCE THEME: “ADVAnCED COMPOSITES On ITS WAY TO InDUSTRIALIZATIOn” Advanced Composite Material Systems and Technologies offers a wide field of possibility to become very much an individual tailor made system for any specific application to assure the success for the defined “industrialization” to reach in any project and application. Thanks to the excellent ability to adapt the characteristics of the materials and technology to the needs of the application – Advanced Composites offers an outstanding possibility to define the most adequate solution required under respecting the “MUST” aspects of involved costs, ecological protection, sustaining availability and recycling at the end of life-cycle. The interlinked reaction of those different aspects with the characteristics of the materials and the applied technology are to be seen as the guaranty of a successful “acting”. 34 SAMPE Journal, Volume 48, No. 5, September/October 2012

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SAMPE Journal - September/October 2012
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SAMPE Journal - September/October 2012