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Winter 2016 features 12 Ambiversion: The Lost Personality Type Maggie Gillespie, University of North Carolina at Greensboro 16 New Year, New You: Making S.M.A.R.T Goals Amanda Kuster, University of Alabama at Birmingham 17 Collaboration: Being a Louisville Cardinal Bryan Shelangoski, University of Louisville 20 When I Became a Silver Dawg: NHTI 2015 Reflections Steven C. Sweat, Florida International University 22 What is life 2 ½ years later? Reflection of a New #SApro Mirlesna Azor, University of North Carolina Asheville Editorial Information: SEAHO Editors Mailing & Fax Information Available Upon Request Next SEAHO Report submission deadline is March 29, 2016 SEAHO Report Editorial Policy: All members of SEAHO institutions are encouraged to submit articles for publication. Articles should be typed and can be submitted through the SEAHO website at http:// asp?page=seahoreportsubmit or e-mailed to the SEAHO Editors. If necessary, articles can be faxed or mailed, but e-mail attachments are preferred. Be sure to include the author's name and institution, and SEAHO committee or task force affiliation as appropriate. Photographs or other camera-ready graphics are welcomed. Material that has been submitted to other publications is discouraged. Any questions should be referred to the SEAHO Report Editor or State Editors. Materials not received on time or not used due to space limitations will be considered for the next issue if still timely. Necessary editorial revisions will be made to ensure publication quality and to meet space requirements. Permission is granted to reproduce portions of the contents, but credit to the SEAHO Report is required. SEAHO Report Winter 2016 3

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SEAHO Report - Winter 2016