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RESEARCH Proof of the Products TARGETED NUTRITION SUBJECT: VITA-C 500 SUSTAINED RELEASE 500 MG VITAMIN C SUPPLEMENT AND VITA-C 100 CHEWABLE 100 MG VITAMIN C SUPPLEMENT Clinical Study: Vita-C proven bioavailability This study examined blood vitamin C concentrations for 25 hours following administration of 1,000 mg of vitamin C, taken all at once; 1,000 mg of vitamin C consumed hourly for 10 hours; and 500 mg of vitamin C in the form of a sustained-release preparation, taken twice at a 5-hour interval. Results showed that the sustained-release preparation produced blood vitamin C levels comparable to consuming 100 mg of vitamin C on an hourly basis. The large-dose immediate-release preparation produced significantly lower blood vitamin C levels over the 25-hour period due to a faster rate of urinary vitamin C excretion. VITA-C: CLINICALLY TESTED BIOAVAILABILITY CLINICAL These findings appear to support recent scientific evidence, which suggests that consumption of additional leucine during a weight-loss diet spares lean tissue. This trial also provides preliminary evidence that adherence to a novel weight-loss program for 12 weeks resulted in effective weight loss and improvements in anthropometric measurements.ESTIMATED FAT-FREE MASS VS. TIME activity of this complex was found to be synergistic, that is, the activity of the complex was much greater than the sum of the activity of the individual components or the sum of the activity of those component materials. The effectiveness of Vital Repair+® complex has been demonstrated in human cell cultures in which free radicals were generated by exposing those cultures to ultraviolet (UV) light. When compared to cell cultures exposed to the same amount of UV light but not treated with Vital Repair+® complex or its component ingredients, the cell cultures treated with Vital Repair+® complex were found to exhibit a significantly lower number of cell deaths. All cell culture measurements were made within 48 hours following exposure of the cell cultures to the UV light. These measurements were run in triplicate for each material tested and were conducted using techniques commonly employed in cell culture technology. The reduction in cell death was accompanied by an increased number of living (viable) dividing skin cells in the cultures treated with Vital Repair+® complex. Conclusion: The activity of this complex of antioxidants clearly demonstrates that Vital Repair+® is effective in blocking the complex cascade of free radical reactions brought about by exposure of skin to UV light. Fat-Free Mass, Pounds 100.5 99.4Vitamin C Concentration (mcg/mL) 24 20 Baseline Week 2 Week 4 Week 6 Week 8 Week 10 Week 12 MEAN WEIGHT LOSS VS. TIME 186.8 12 8 4 0 1 3 5 7 9 13 25 Time (Hours) Shaklee Vita-C 100 Chewable Shaklee Vita-C 500 Sustained Release 1,000 mg Vitamin C Taken at Once 171.4Baseline Week 2 Week 4 Week 6 Week 8 Week 10 Week 12 Reference: Chuck C, Print S, Pattison T, Whittam J, Scala J. Urine and plasma ascorbic acid levels in humans after administration of immediateand sustained-release ascorbic acid tablets. Data on file, Shaklee Corporation. PERSONAL CARE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT SUBJECT: CINCH INCH-LOSS PLAN ® SUBJECT: ENFUSELLE® PRODUCT LINE (GLOBAL SKIN CARE PROGRAM) Clinical Study: Cinch® 12-week safety and efficacy pilot study This pilot study was designed to determine changes in weight loss, anthropometric measurements, and estimates of body composition in an uncontrolled 12-week trial with 27 moderately overweight but otherwise healthy men and women. Subjects were instructed to consume two Cinch® beverage shakes, three Cinch® dietary supplement tablets, one Cinch® nutrition bar, and a healthy meal and/ or snack daily. Eighteen participants, 14 of which were fully compliant, completed the 12-week trial. Data from 14 participants show that subjects lost an average of 15.4 pounds and maintained their fat-free mass based on estimates from skinfold caliper measures. Together, this data suggest that weight loss was derived primarily from body fat, and that fat-free mass was preserved. Waist and hip measurements were reduced by 4.1 and 2.6 inches, respectively, which was a significant reduction in waist-tohip ratio, a predictor of cardiovascular disease. In addition, favourable changes were observed in blood lipids, including a 10% drop in total cholesterol and a 34% drop in triglycerides. Additionally, no significant adverse events were noted by participants over the 12 weeks, and there were no significant changes in markers of renal and liver function or blood chemistries. The introduction of the Enfuselle® skin care line has been accompanied by extensive clinical testing, outlined below. For more information, contact your Distributor or Sponsor to obtain a copy of this information, or visit Some of the Enfuselle® clinical studies utilized contralateral (half-face) studies. Bioinstruments were used to objectively measure the depth of fine lines and wrinkles on one side of the face where Enfuselle® was being applied and compared these results to the control side where no skin care products or makeup were used. The results of the tests, due in part to the rapidly changing climate conditions, were extraordinary: where no skin care or cosmetic products were used, the visible signs of aging became measurably deeper, while the skin treated with Enfuselle® products steadily improved. In addition to bioinstrumentation, subjects completed a detailed questionnaire following the tests subjectively rating the products’ results. Vital Repair+® complex in Enfuselle® Formulations Provides Antioxidant Activity: A test of three of the Enfuselle® skin care formulations clearly demonstrates that each formulation exhibits significant antioxidant activity when applied to the surface of intact human skin. The level of antioxidant activity was found to be significantly greater than that of control treated skin without the Vital Repair+® complex. These results clearly demonstrate that the Vital Repair+® complex present in the Enfuselle® skin care formulations exhibits antioxidant activity as demonstrated in the human skin cell cultures. SUBJECT: ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY OF VITAL REPAIR+® COMPLEX FROM ENFUSELLE® FORMULATIONS WHEN APPLIED TO HUMAN SKIN Weight, Pounds Enfuselle® Vital Repair+® complex: Exhibits significant antioxidant activity in cell cultures of human skin cells exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. This unique, patented (#6,036,946) combination of ingredients composed of vitamins A, C, and E, along with panthenol, grapeseed extract, superoxide dismutase, and beta glucan, has been shown to protect against cellular death caused by exposure to the UV wavelengths of natural sunlight. The SUBJECT: ENFUSELLE VITAL REPAIR+® COMPLEX: IN VITRO STUDY OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF A UNIQUE COMBINATION OF KNOWN ANTIOXIDANTS, VITAL REPAIR+®, IN HUMAN CELL CULTURES The effectiveness of Vital Repair+® complex antioxidant complex included in the Enfuselle® skin care products was demonstrated in human cell cultures. However, this does not unequivocally ensure this same effectiveness when applied to human skin. Therefore, a test was conducted to show this efficacy on human skin. It is well documented that when beta carotene is exposed to long wavelength ultraviolet (UVA, 320 to 400 nm) radiation, as found in sunlight, it undergoes a free radical reaction during which it changes from an orange colour to a pale yellow colour. Shaklee scientists used this knowledge to demonstrate the effectiveness of Vital Repair+® complex from the Enfuselle® formulations. Solutions of beta carotene were applied to the forearms of human subjects and allowed to dry completely. The Enfuselle® formulations were then applied to selected sites on top of the beta carotene treated sites. All test sites were then exposed to UVA light. The changes in the colour of the test sites were then monitored using a Minolta™ Chromameter throughout the UVA exposure period. The colour changes in the treated and control sites were exposed to six (6) different intensities of UVA light. Based upon the Chromameter data gathered from this test, the following conclusions were drawn: VISIT US AT SHAKLEE.CA http://www.SHAKLEE.CA

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