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JOIN US REAL PEOPLE CREATING THEIR OWN SUCCESS Nearly two thousand people have made more than $1 million with Shaklee. WILL YOU BE NEXT? Earn extra income • Be your own boss • Control your own destiny • Spend more time with your family • Earn residual income • Enjoy your work and live a healthier life Toni Pulcini and Rob de Schryver Michele Ashenden and Vic Pulcini (Vita Communications Inc.) Coordinators Montreal Ouest, QC Karen and Ian Grant (Gibbs Enterprises Ltd.) Key Coordinators West Vancouver, BC $75,806.03* Madeleine and Roger Trottier (Distributions Trottier Inc.) Lifetime Master Coordinators Laval, QC $195,152.02* $30,157.08* After the company they worked with was sold to a competitor, these two couples were introduced to Shaklee and knew right away they’d found the perfect business. “When we met distributors who’d been with Shaklee for over 40 years, and heard how they continued to earn a five-figure monthly income, we knew Shaklee could offer us the future we were looking for. With full-time jobs and growing families, we had very little time to grow our business last year, but with putting in just five to 10 hours a week we still earned a great additional income!” “Having a Shaklee Business has given us the flexibility to plan our work around the needs of our children without compromise to income. Thanks to that income, together we enjoy a beautiful home and the opportunity to travel. Shaklee’s proven business model is a great example that choice is available, and the entrepreneurial spirit is a viable financial alternative for our children to follow and realize their dreams. With Shaklee, targeted, specific work is required; passive global income can be the reward.” The Trottiers joined Shaklee in 1967 and became Master Coordinators when they were living in the United States, where they did the business in English – even though they were Francophones from Quebec! After moving back to Canada they started all over again, did the business in French, and became Masters for a second time – and then Lifetime Masters! ”Our family has three generations involved in this great Shaklee opportunity. Our children and grandchildren quickly learned the joy of sharing and the wish to succeed with Shaklee.” *The typical participant in the Shaklee Canada Inc. Compensation Plan earns an average of $202 per year because more than 95% of Shaklee Members purchase product for their own use only. However, those Members who sell product earn on average $10,757 a year, and can earn more than $167,616 a year, depending on the size of their group. Earnings were calculated on a monthly basis of those Business Leaders in the achieved rank. Results will vary with effort. Shaklee Canada Inc. does not guarantee that any particular income level will be achieved. CONTACT US AT 1-800-263-6674

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Shaklee Product Catalogue 2010
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Shaklee Product Catalogue 2010