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SHAKLEE OPPORTUNITY | DISCOVER THE REWARDS What Could Be More Natural Than Sharing? Every day, each and every one of us yearns for more. More time. More success. More health. More security. More purpose. With Shaklee you can achieve more. We offer you the opportunity not just to own your own business but to own your health, wealth, and happiness. The time for more is now. Sharing the Shaklee products you already use and trust can be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. When you find great products, it's just natural that you want to share them. And if you can earn an income from that, well, even better. Could you use $1,000 per month?* Depending on your time and energy, your income potential with Shaklee is unlimited. And you can start earning fast; $1,000 in your first month is possible. So whether you want to save for a vacation, send your kids to university, drive a new car, or see the world, simply sharing the Shaklee products you know and love can help you make it happen. Earn a whole range of rich rewards on top of your regular Shaklee income If you're the kind of person who wants to build a big business quickly, our FastTRACK program* delivers handsomely. When you achieve and maintain milestones faster than average, you'll also get: Generous bonuses In addition to your regular Shaklee income, you can earn cash bonuses ranging from $1,000 to $25,000 by reaching and maintaining milestones quickly. Car payments You can start qualifying for a substantial Car Bonus payment in as little as three months. And the more you earn, the bigger that payment will be - up to $600 per month.† Exotic trips Among our popular rewards are major-expense-paid trips to top destinations around the world. In the last few years, we've taken Shaklee distributors to San Francisco, the Caribbean, Bora Bora, Kenya, and Paris. To find out how Shaklee could change your life for the better, just talk to your Shaklee Independent Distributor. *FastTRACK earnings come from a combination of FastTRACK milestone bonuses, which can be up to $84,000 plus the potential to earn 50% matching FastTRACK bonuses, plus your earnings from all the ways to earn in the Shaklee Dream Plan. The typical participant in the Shaklee Canada Inc. Compensation Plan earns an average of $190.41 per year. However, participants at the Business Leader level earn on average $9,099 a year, and can earn over $133,926 a year at the top levels. Earnings were calculated on a monthly basis of those Business Leaders in the achieved rank. Results will vary with effort. Shaklee Canada Inc. does not guarantee that any particular income level will be achieved. Full details concerning the plan can be found at (you must have a Shaklee membership to access this Web site). †Must be a Business Leader in the Dream Plan to earn a car payment. See for volume and maintenance requirements (you must have a Shaklee membership to access this Web site). 86 Visit us at SHAKLEE.CA or call 1-800-263-6674 http://www.SHAKLEE.CA

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