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CONTENTS 3 11 Securing Exadata – Changing Default Passwords By Fuad Arshad Leveraging SQL Tuning Techniques for Active Data Guard Databases By Jim Czuprynski Executive Editor April Sims Managing Editor Theresa Wojtalewicz SQL Health-Check (SQLHC): A Free Tool to Aid in the Diagnostics of SQL Statements Associate Editor Alexa Schlosser By Kapil Goyal and Carlos Sierra 20 Design Patrick Williams 25 Materialized Views 31 Cron Jobs: Best Practices and Troubleshooting 36 Extensible TNSNAMES Using XML 44 Interactions Within and Between Network Access Control Lists By Howard Hackworth By Yong Huang By Seth Miller By Sean D. Stuber 60 Friendly SQL*Plus Prompt 66 dNFS is the Best Defense 69 Copying a Table with All its Relationships 74 Virtualize your Database with Confidence 77 Leverage High Throughput Storage to Enhance ETL Load Stages and Increase CPU Utilization By Yury Velikanov By Dan Young By Jason Hahn, Embarcadero By Darryl Smith, EMC By Eyal David, Kaminario 81 Improving Database Performance with Hybrid Columnar Compression Headquarters Independent Oracle Users Group 330 N. Wabash ave. chicago, IL 60611 USa Phone: +1.312.245.1579 Fax: +1.312.527.6785 email: By Art Licht, Oracle IOUG TIPS & BeST PracTIceS BOOKLeT | 1

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IOUG Tips & Best Practices Booklet 2013