Progressive Grocer - August 2010 - (Page Cover1)

S E E W H I C H P RO D U C TS M A D E T H E C U T A S P G ’S 2010 E D I TO R S’ PI C K S • PAG E 28 Four years after taking the helm, Frank Lazaran provides an overview of the company’s impressive turnaround efforts in an exclusive interview. Page 26 Marsh On.... Marches AUGUST 2010 VOLUME 89 NUMBER 7 • $10 PG Online Exclusive! Hussmann’s on the Energy Conservation Case: With the average grocery store spending two-thirds of its electricity bill on HVAC and refrigeration, Hussmann Corp. offers tips to help grocers optimize operational and energy efficiencies. Visit to learn more. Helvetica Neue 73 Bold Extended and ITC Avant Garde Gothic BT Demi

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Progressive Grocer - August 2010

Progressive Grocer - August 2010
Nielsen’s Shelf Stoppers/Spotlight: Vitamins andSupplements/Nutritional Supplements
Front End Facelift
Wake-up Call: How to Deliver What Consumers Want
Myth Busters
Marsh Marches On
Innovations That Impress
Colonie of Concepts
Polishing the Centerpiece
Tastes in Translation
Wrapped Up
Premium Possibilities
Living on the Wedge: Taking Specialty Cheese to the Next Level
Rich Rewards
Alkaline Still in Charge
Healthy Sales
Life-saving Supermarkets
In Other Words
There’s an App for That
Done to a Turn
What’s Next: Editors’ Picks for Innovative Products

Progressive Grocer - August 2010