Progressive Grocer - October 2010 - (Page Cover1)

ENERGY MANAGEMENT: SEEING GREEN • PAGE 84 Grocery: Bottled water sales remain afloat. Page 46 Retailer of the Year Page 24 2010 OCTOBER 2010 VOLUME 89 NUMBER 9 • $10 This year’s winner — H-E-B — is passionate about building the greatest company possible while striving to improve the lives of its partners and customers. Produce: PG’s annual produce report finds sales looking up. Page 60 H-E-B: e of Texas Helvetica Neue 73 Bold Extended

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Progressive Grocer - October 2010

Progressive Grocer - October 2010
Table of Contents
Nielsen's Shelf Stoppers/Spotlight: Candy/Dietetic Nonchocolate Candy
Wake-Up Call: Why Online Grocery Shopping Matters
Hispanic 360 Overview: Marketing to a Multicultural Nation
PG's 2010 Retailer of the Year: The Heart of Texas
Natural/Organic Foods: Making Waves in Natural/Organic
Nonalcoholic Beverages: A Sparkling Future?
Pizza: Thin Is In
Center-of-the-Plate Series: Poultry Ground Rules
Inside the Deli: Bolstering the Case for Dynamic Delis
2010 Annual Produce Operations Review: Fertile Ground
OTC Medications: Three Cheers for Colds and Flu
FutureTech: Let's Socialize
Energy Management: Seeing Green
What's Next: Editors' Picks for Innovative Products

Progressive Grocer - October 2010