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“ Co m b i To u c h ” control technolRetailers do not know ovens ... and that is what ogy uses a new we try to teach them.” graphic interface —Steve Maroti, Hickory Industries to give operators a simple platform for use, as well as most successful supermar- to be cooked simultaneously, another savheightened flexkets tend to use larger ro- ing of both time and energy. ibility and control “Our new Jet Air Plus oven is an all-intisseries; some use the conin food quality tinuous-cook application, one cooking system that will cook, bake, and consistency, like our N/45WDG-PLUS roast and rethermalize, combining modes says Griffith, andN/7P, and others use for convection, or a combination of steam noting that Altothe batch-cook application, and convection heat,” explains Letourneau. Shaam’s “combi“With the ever-increasing cost of eleclike our N/7.7GBS, N/5.7G like” rotisserie and the stacked N/7.5G, tricity,” she adds, “Energy Star-rated applitechnology proances will help you save money, while at our newest concept.” Hickory Industries’ N7.7GBS duces a load of Maroti says that cook- the same time protecting the equipment. is a batch-cook application chickens in half rotisserie. ing with spits — which That is why Doyon is offering Energy Star the time of more hold multiple chickens — is much equipment like the JA5P2618 Jet Air Plus traditional units, more efficient in terms of produc- oven.” and the vendor offers a design-match tivity and labor. What’s more, he adds, Hans Sell is corporate chef for Garland ventless hood that lets the equipment be “Removing chickens one at a time usually Canada, a Mississauga, Ontario-based strategically placed in front of the cus- means that the operator mars the skin division of Manitowoc Food Service that tomer to maximize merchandising impact because each chicken is being held, as op- makes Convotherm ovens. He offers this and generate greater sales. posed to spits, which only go through the perspective on the changing roles of roAt North Bergen, N.J.-based Hickory center of the product.” tisseries and ovens in supermarket foodIndustries, which lists such retail customservice: “When the rotisserie oven was ers as Stop & Shop, Kroger, A&P, Walmart, first introduced, the impact was huge. ViHarris Teeter, Whole Foods and Roundy’s All-in-one Simplicity sual appeal and the impression of ‘freshly among its customers, company president Jennifer Letourneau, marketing coor- roasted’ were the keys. The downside was Steve Maroti points out that “food retailers dinator at Liniere, Quebec-based Doyon that the loss on yield of the product was basically look at labor as the determining Equipment, sees versatility and energy ef- significant, and that maintenance and function. Retailers do not know ovens — ficiency as the two cleaning was tedious they know cost and quality — and that is major attributes and poorly done.” what we try to teach them. We are always retailers are seekWith the introducdetermining the problems retailers experi- ing in ovens and tion of combi-ovens, he ence in the marketplace, and work back- rotisseries. goes on: “Many, if not wards to try to determine solutions.” Doyon’s most all, of these issues were popular oven for eliminated. Although As the Chicken Turns supermarket foodthe visual aspect of Maroti cites the foodborne pathogen service, according seeing the product spin salmonella as an issue of particular con- to Letourneau, is around at the counter cern in deli/foodservice operations. To that the new JA5P2618was gone, the quality of end, Hickory developed the Thermowave 2 Jet Air Plus oven, the food product was spit, “which helps cook the product from whose reversible significantly improved, the inside out, and eliminates the possibil- ventilation system with higher yields, permits faster and ity of contamination,” he notes. shorter cooking times, Despite the fact that some supermar- more even cooking better consistency, and kets market “rotisserie” chickens, often the and baking, allowdocumented and conbirds are actually cooked in combi-ovens. ing associates to trollable food-safe enHowever, Maroti, affirms, “The end product work without havvironments. And most is not the same.” He says that Hickory be- ing to turn pans units are equipped with lieves that the highest sales are achieved during baking and a self-cleaning feature.” which from the highest-end product quality, cooking, Sell says that the Doyon Equipment’s most popwhich, for true rotisserie chickens, means translates into time and ener- ular supermarket foodservice Convotherm brand gy savings. The model also has oven is the new JA5P2618-2 crispy skin and caramelized texture. manufactures combi“Not all rotisseries can do that, only high- two independent chambers, Jet Air Plus oven. ovens ranging from a temperature infra-red ovens,” he says. “The enabling two separate dishes small countertop unit 108 • Progressive Grocer • January 2011 A H E A D O F W H AT ’ S N E X T

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Progressive Grocer - January 2011

Progressive Grocer - January 2011
Table of Contents
Nielsen’s Shelf Stoppers/ Spotlight: Medications and Remedies/antacids
Mintel Global New Products: Salty Snacks, Meat Snacks and Popcorn, Q2-Q3 2010
Best Practices: Are We There Yet?
Store of the Month Special Edition: My H-E-B
Marketing: Circular Paradox
Gma President’s Note: United We Stand
Pg Special Events: Pg Honors 2010 Top Women, Green Grocers at Gala Event
Retailer Spotlight: Winn-Dixie’s Awakening
Category Management: Mutual Benefi Ts
Special Section: Progressive Grocer Independent: For Retailers, by Retailers
Condiments: A Matter of Taste
Butter/margarine: Promise for the Future
Desserts: Sweet Solutions
Energy Drinks/shots: Energy Drinks Get a Jolt
Winter Produce: Season of Plenty
Meat Merchandising Study: Meat to Meals
Candles/Air Fresheners: Beyond Common Scents
Front End: The Front End Checkout: A Microeconomic Model of the Store
Cough and Cold: A Tissue Please?
Whole Health: Feeling Good in 2011
Futuretech: It’s a Mad, Mobile World
Progressive Voices: Retailers’ Value Equation = Customer-Benefit Costing
Ovens and Rotisseries: Heating Up
What’s Next: Editors’ Picks for Innovative Products

Progressive Grocer - January 2011