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Cover Story Retailer Spotlight Winn-Dixie’s Awakening In a PG exclusive, the Jacksonville, Fla.-based grocer’s chief executive discusses the company’s ongoing “transformational changes” to improve its brand and customer count. By Meg Major A 30 fter years of eroding market share and crouching in the shadows of its formidable, fast-growing Southeast U.S. market rivals, it would appear as though Winn-Dixie’s best days are long behind it. • Progressive Grocer • January 2011 Peter Lynch, however, begs to differ, believing firmly that the best is yet to come for the regional retailer. To be sure, Lynch, chairman, CEO and president of the Jacksonville, Fla.-based supermarket chain, is bent on putting the pieces in place to win back customers lost to rivals in the past two decades, with a dedicated, all-hands-on-deck drive to restore consistency to store operaA H E A D O F W H AT ’ S N E X T tions, transform the retailer’s aging store base and focus on customers’ needs on a market-by-market basis. Having led the struggling chain out of bankruptcy four years ago, Lynch and his team are now working furiously to rebuild Winn-Dixie’s brand, culture, store conditions and shareholder value in the wake of a brutal economic cycle that’s been particularly harsh in the grocer’s core five-state operating territory.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Progressive Grocer - January 2011

Progressive Grocer - January 2011
Table of Contents
Nielsen’s Shelf Stoppers/ Spotlight: Medications and Remedies/antacids
Mintel Global New Products: Salty Snacks, Meat Snacks and Popcorn, Q2-Q3 2010
Best Practices: Are We There Yet?
Store of the Month Special Edition: My H-E-B
Marketing: Circular Paradox
Gma President’s Note: United We Stand
Pg Special Events: Pg Honors 2010 Top Women, Green Grocers at Gala Event
Retailer Spotlight: Winn-Dixie’s Awakening
Category Management: Mutual Benefi Ts
Special Section: Progressive Grocer Independent: For Retailers, by Retailers
Condiments: A Matter of Taste
Butter/margarine: Promise for the Future
Desserts: Sweet Solutions
Energy Drinks/shots: Energy Drinks Get a Jolt
Winter Produce: Season of Plenty
Meat Merchandising Study: Meat to Meals
Candles/Air Fresheners: Beyond Common Scents
Front End: The Front End Checkout: A Microeconomic Model of the Store
Cough and Cold: A Tissue Please?
Whole Health: Feeling Good in 2011
Futuretech: It’s a Mad, Mobile World
Progressive Voices: Retailers’ Value Equation = Customer-Benefit Costing
Ovens and Rotisseries: Heating Up
What’s Next: Editors’ Picks for Innovative Products

Progressive Grocer - January 2011