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Fresh Food Meat to Meals Grocers can up their share of shoppers’ meat purchases with almost no cost other than time. By Joseph Tarnowski T he meat department provides the centerpiece of consumers’ meals, and serves as a core factor in a typical shopper’s decisions about what to prepare for family dinners. Yet most grocers aren’t getting their shoppers’ full share of meat purchases — even in the case where a shopper has a primary grocery store where she conducts the bulk of her food shopping. Interestingly, the reasons that some shoppers aren’t buying more of their meat in one place are, by and large, quite easy to address with little or no cost, as Progressive Grocer uncovered in its “Meat to Meals” research study conducted in partnership with Wilton, Conn.-based Meridian Consulting Group and sponsored by the National Pork Board. “The meat department has lots of opportunities to improve shopability and better engage consumers in the department,” says Karen Strauss, executive consultant for Meridian. “This in turn will drive loyalty, and increase shoppers’ share of meat purchases, and more money to the bottom line.” It’s no secret that competition for the food shopper’s satisfaction and loyalty has steadily grown as more retail channels enter the fresh food business. Many years ago, most fresh items were purchased at a retail grocery store. Now, consumers planning Progressive Grocer • January 2011 • A H E A D O F W H AT ’ S N E X T 83

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Progressive Grocer - January 2011

Progressive Grocer - January 2011
Table of Contents
Nielsen’s Shelf Stoppers/ Spotlight: Medications and Remedies/antacids
Mintel Global New Products: Salty Snacks, Meat Snacks and Popcorn, Q2-Q3 2010
Best Practices: Are We There Yet?
Store of the Month Special Edition: My H-E-B
Marketing: Circular Paradox
Gma President’s Note: United We Stand
Pg Special Events: Pg Honors 2010 Top Women, Green Grocers at Gala Event
Retailer Spotlight: Winn-Dixie’s Awakening
Category Management: Mutual Benefi Ts
Special Section: Progressive Grocer Independent: For Retailers, by Retailers
Condiments: A Matter of Taste
Butter/margarine: Promise for the Future
Desserts: Sweet Solutions
Energy Drinks/shots: Energy Drinks Get a Jolt
Winter Produce: Season of Plenty
Meat Merchandising Study: Meat to Meals
Candles/Air Fresheners: Beyond Common Scents
Front End: The Front End Checkout: A Microeconomic Model of the Store
Cough and Cold: A Tissue Please?
Whole Health: Feeling Good in 2011
Futuretech: It’s a Mad, Mobile World
Progressive Voices: Retailers’ Value Equation = Customer-Benefit Costing
Ovens and Rotisseries: Heating Up
What’s Next: Editors’ Picks for Innovative Products

Progressive Grocer - January 2011