Artisan Club - 5

Envisioning life
as a work of art.
Artisan Club will become an exciting gathering spot and
hub of activity for members. Infused with the storytelling
of Disney Imagineers, the clubhouse will embody the
limitless inspiration of the landscape while celebrating
creativity in its many forms.
Expected to open in 2025, the beachfront clubhouse
will be nestled along the water's edge and feature
awe-inspiring views of Cotino Bay and the mountains
beyond-providing a majestic setting for the vibrant mix
of experiences to come.
Club Highlights
* Casual, table-service restaurant
* Beach bar
* Multi-purpose event
and activity spaces
* Parr House
* State-of-the-art wellness center
with a pool for laps and leisure
*Use of Parr House will be subject to an additional fee and limited availability.
No representation or warranty is made about the continued operation/maintenance, long-term water levels or features of Cotino Bay; water levels may fluctuate.
Membership benefits may vary by membership type.
* Activity lawn
* Tennis and pickleball courts
* Water sports dock
* Exclusive member beaches
Artist rendering, not yet constructed and subject to change.
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Creativity permeates the planned architecture, design and ambiance of the
clubhouse. Spaces will pay homage to various art forms to create the dynamic
atmosphere of an artists' studio.
Artist rendering, not yet constructed and subject to change.

Artisan Club

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