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STAR POWER Cheering for Ellen in her TV studio SEEING TV SHOWS LIVE WHY ELLEN NEEDS YOU Seriously funny Ellen DeGeneres sheds some light on why her show may be the best one to attend on the planet. WHY DO YOU LOVE A LIVE AUDIENCE? They bring such a positive energy, and I try to give it back to them. It's also important that they each buy a souvenir from the Ellen shop-I can't express that enough. WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT YOUR SHOW? I'm not just entertaining people, I also get to help people in need, and I love it when they get excited. I once gave a woman named Lisa Jarmon a new house-if you 30 | VISITCALIFORNIA.COM listen closely on a quiet summer's night you can still hear her screaming. DO SOME AUDIENCE MEMBERS TRY TO GET "NOTICED"? DOES IT WORK? Before the show everyone comes on stage and dances. I watch them from my dressing room, and there's two ways they can get noticed: If they're very, very good, or if they're very, very bad. DOES THE AUDIENCE GET TO INTERACT WITH GUESTS? A lot of times they get to play games with our guests. They're always so excited, especially when they get to be on my team because I always win. For free show tickets, go to Tips on Seeing Live Shows GET TICKETS ASAP As soon as you know your travel dates, visit ticket sites (try,, and 1iota. com), and request free tickets. Same-day tickets for Conan and other shows are sometimes offered following the Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour. Popular shows like American Idol have their own ticketing systems; check individual websites. TAKE A CHANCE You never know if that pilot might be the next Friends, so go ahead and see a new show. SET ASIDE TIME Sitcoms take hours to shoot, so be prepared. Less time? Attend a talk show-sometimes shot in a little over an hour (plus pre-show wait-time). VIP Studio Tour Keep your eyes peeled for stars on these behind-the-scenes experiences. MICHAEL ROZMAN/WARNER BROS. (2); HARRIOT MANLEY Find out how easy it is to attend a live taping, and why big-name stars want you there http://www.VISITCALIFORNIA.COM

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