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HEALTH ISSUE 09 T The Lifestyle Makeover Challenge was too good of a deal to pass by. Once Villagers Linda Silk and George Haman, both 60, learned of a contest offered by The Villages Wellness Center, where the winners would be awarded the opportunity of three months’ free membership at the center to work with a personal trainer, they each knew it could be the best opportunity to lose weight and improve their health. BODIES & MINDS by Theresa Campbell MAKING OVER Photos by Marianne Lobaugh The 12-week contest award also offered more tools: the use of the gym and all of the exercise and aquatics classes they wished to take, and a computer program to help them keep track of their daily food intake and calories. “I said, ‘Wow! That’s for me!,’” George said, recalling the morning he heard Kristin Coleman, director of personal training and fitness at The Villages Wellness Center, describe the Lifestyle Makeover Challenge on AM-640 WVLG. Linda was just as intrigued. “I have reached a point in my life where I am ready to make healthy changes in my lifestyle,” she wrote in her contest entry form. The two winners were chosen out of 26 Villagers for the challenge. The end results? Linda lost 22.5 pounds and George lost 40 pounds. JANUARY 2009 George also had impressive numbers in his bloodwork as a result of losing weight. His total cholesterol dropped from 260 to 152, and his triglycerides from 760 to 93. “This is absolutely awesome!” George recalled of his doctor’s words. “What are you doing?” Kristin credits the pair for delving into the Lifestyle Makeover Challenge with zest and a desire to succeed. “They took advantage of every bit of the opportunity and really put themselves — heart, soul, mind and body — into it and gave it their all,” she said. “Not only did they achieve their goals, but they achieved way more than their goals. Their lives are changed forever.” She noted that Linda’s and George’s contest applications stood out the most among all of the entrants. “It was very, very difficult to choose,” she said. “When we first started out, we had initially thought we were just going to have one winner. As we started getting people in, we decided to have a male and female winner, and we decided to literally offer them every resource that we have available here.” Kristin believes the two Villagers are role models for others struggling with their weight. “They were two people, like so many people out there, who are trying to find that direction, and it’s right here, it really truly is,” Kristin said. “We live in a community where we are surrounded by food and hundreds and hundreds of activities, but we are very social in our eating and our drinking and in our activities. Balance is the key, and when people learn how to balance, it’s amazing what they can achieve.” George and Linda credit the Lifestyle Makeover Challenge as one of the best experiences of their lives. “I have feelings of gratitude, because this was a gift for me,” said Linda, of the Village of Calumet Grove. “I put myself at the right place at the right time. It was the first step that has started me on this journey of self-awareness.” “I can’t thank the Wellness Center enough for the opportunity,” added George, of the Village of Glenbrook.

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The Villages - January 2009
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The Villages - January 2009