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FOOD Culinary Arts Program of The Villages High School Cuisine Cuisine with Cultural Connection by Marianne Lobaugh Students in the culinary arts program of The Villages High School recently were challenged with a fun, international cuisine project. Many took the opportunity to investigate their own cultural heritage. “Basically the students were asked to choose a country outside of the United States and do a research project on that country’s cuisine, including the culinary history, common ingredients, economic factors, influences on the cuisine and geographic location factors,” said John Woods, Villages High School culinary arts instructor. “When you talk about Italy, you need to talk about tomatoes; India, you’re talking about curry — the common ingredients of that country’s cuisine,” John said. Not only were the students’ cooking skills and presentation of food tested, but they wrote a three-page report and did a PowerPoint presentation — all part of the task to earn a high grade. “We chose the top four we thought were the most interesting and most unique,” John said. “They were all great, but we chose four to share in the magazine. I thought we had a good representation from around the world.” Some students revealed they were surprised by what they discovered. “Nate, who is from the Philippines, found out things about his country he was not aware of,” John said. “One of the things I suggested to the students was to choose something in their heritage to find out a little bit more about where your ancestors come from. And even though he has been to the Philippines, he found out things he wasn’t aware of, and I thought his food and presentation were fantastic. They all did great.” MARCH 2009

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The Villages - March 2009
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The Villages - March 2009