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PETS EeT Porn r C Ask Question: My dog has diarrhea. What should I do? Paws Veterinary Hospital The Villages Lady Little Mixed breed adopted in The Villages 5-year-old Dr. Julia Morrow, She brings a lot of happiness to my life. My husband picked her out and he has since passed. She is a blessing. Her favorite thing to do is ride in the golf cart and bark at squirrels. Genevieve Dunn Village of La Reynalda Answer: There are many causes of diarrhea in dogs. Some of the more common are intestinal parasites, dietary indiscretion (eating something unusual), stress and bacterial overgrowth. If your dog has diarrhea but otherwise is doing well, the best initial treatment is to withhold food (and treats!) for 24 hours (allow free access to water at all times). After 24 hours without any food, start by feeding small but frequent meals of a bland diet, such as boiled chicken and white rice. If the diarrhea persists for more than 48 hours or if you notice any blood in the animal’s stool, you should contact your veterinarian. If possible, take a fecal sample with you when you go to the vet so a test can be run to check for intestinal parasites. If at anytime you notice your dog is vomiting or lethargic, contact your veterinarian immediately. If you have any specific or related questions, please contact your veterinarian for advice. Sincerely, Charlie brings chaos to my life, but I love it! I have met more people in The Villages because of our Darby rides on him. He looks a bit unusual for a motorcycle and dachshund! Susan McCormick Village of Country Club Hills Charlie 3- year-old long-haired Dachshund

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The Villages - April 2011
Giving is a Way of Life
Feeling the Music
Classic Cars
Hop To It! - Easter Week Begins in The Villages!
Villagers Volunteering!
A World of Possibility
Let’s Dance!
Barnes & Noble Top 10 List
Sports and Recreation
Major Events

The Villages - April 2011