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DANCE! VILLAGERS SOCIALIZE, EXERCISE AND GET CLOSER TO THEIR LOVED ONES THROUGH DANCE. By day, La Hacienda Recreation Center’s Carmen Miranda room is an expansive, utilitarian gathering space, used to hold various recreation happenings. By night, a few times a month, it takes on a more elegant feel as the lights are dimmed and couples file in through the doors, with partners wearing stylish dresses and sharp suits. On these nights, the recreation center is host to a popular event: recreation dances. et’s L BY JESSICA SHUMAKER PHOTOS BY PETER TRAVERS APRIL 2011 2011

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The Villages - April 2011
Giving is a Way of Life
Feeling the Music
Classic Cars
Hop To It! - Easter Week Begins in The Villages!
Villagers Volunteering!
A World of Possibility
Let’s Dance!
Barnes & Noble Top 10 List
Sports and Recreation
Major Events

The Villages - April 2011