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Stop Stressing,, Stressing HEALTH BY APRIL TOLER With today’s fast-paced world, it is easy for many Villagers to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of working, raising families and trying to keep up some type of social life. APRIL 2011 While many think living a hurried life is simply the norm, for some, constantly rushing about can cause unnecessary stress, a condition that experts say affects every part of the body. “(Stress) has an effect on everything,” said psychiatrist dr. Joyce Smolarski. “Literally everything.” When it comes to feeling stressed, there are a number of ways people can fight back and find a more relaxing, peaceful way to live.

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The Villages - April 2011
Giving is a Way of Life
Feeling the Music
Classic Cars
Hop To It! - Easter Week Begins in The Villages!
Villagers Volunteering!
A World of Possibility
Let’s Dance!
Barnes & Noble Top 10 List
Sports and Recreation
Major Events

The Villages - April 2011