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SPORTS & RECREATION Spring Sports BY KATIE BACKMAN BY KATIE BACKMAN The Villages has abundant activities available, and it’s up to the residents to decide what pace they prefer. Residents can enjoy the fast pace of pickleball and softball or they can slow it down a bit with croquet and kayaking. One thing is for sure, residents definitely should try all the activities before they rule any out, because they might be surprised by their own abilities and endurance. One of the most popular sports in The Villages is softball. Softball fields are located throughout the community, and not a day goes by without people playing on them. During peak season at Buffalo Glen Softball Complex, there are about 275 games per month. Dave Goldberg of the Village of Chatham picked up his softball gear about four years ago. Goldberg, like many other residents, played when he was younger but had a hiatus of several years. When he moved to The Villages, he was intrigued about the APRIL 2012 very popular sport, so he decided to try it out. The Villages has tryouts or evaluations to pair residents with others of the same abilities, which helps keep everyone safe from not over-exerting themselves. Goldberg plays in the Division 2 leagues. Goldberg can’t get enough of the sport. Softball is so enjoyable because it’s a great group of people who are friendly and competitive at the same time, he added. “I enjoy playing here because I love the sport and the camaraderie,” Goldberg said. “Everyone accepts you and what you’re capable of, and I’ve made a lot of good friends.” When Dan List moved to The Villages, he thought he was going to play a lot of golf, but it turns out his interest was piqued by softball. The Village of Ashland resident has been playing for about a dozen years. Often, List can be found playing about six days a week.

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The Villages - April 2012
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The Villages - April 2012