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Playmates BY PAUL GLAVIANO Villagers Find That Families Who Play Together Stay Together Remove the sports lovers from The Villages, and you’re talking a very small town, indeed. Sports — from golf to pickleball to softball to bowling to badminton to tennis to billiards — put the exclamation point to the celebrated active lifestyle in this sun-drenched land. And it’s not just a case of boys being boys. The girls are playing, too, and couples all across this lush community have discovered the power of sports to foster relationship harmony. “Absolutely,” said Jerry Teel, 64, who with his wife, Carol, 55, form the top husband-wife bowling duo in The Villages and, without doubt, one of the very best such duos in the nation. “Common interest is really a good thing for a marriage,” he said. Andy and Sue Lundgren of the Villas of San Antonio MAY 2012

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The Villages - May 2012
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The Villages - May 2012