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MAY 2012 2 Couples Who Play Together Features 8 Memorial Day in The Villages 14 Mother’s Day Memories Remove the sports lovers from The Villages, and you’re talking a very small town, indeed. Sports — from golf to pickleball to softball to bowling to badminton to tennis to billiards — put the exclamation point in the celebrated active lifestyle in this sunny land. Couples from all over Florida’s Friendliest Hometown have discovered the power of sports to foster their relationships. The Villages is a patriotic community, and on Memorial Day the ceremonies and celebrations serve as a reminder of those who have sacrificed for our freedom. From annual traditions to spending time with family, see how Villagers spend Memorial Day. Villages mothers are proud, joyful and selfless when discussing their children and all that they did to make the holiday special for them. Check out their favorite Mother’s Day memories and the lessons they learned (and still are learning) from their children. The winners have started their training, and this month they are training our readers, too. Learn how to perfect your short game with these techniques from The Villages Golf Academy. When the grandkids come down to visit, they have a ball with all of the intergenerational activities in The Villages. Easter is a popular time for these visits and, for many families, special Easter programs are an annual tradition. Look back at some of the fun moments during Easter Week in The Villages. MAY 2012 WWW.THEVILLAGES.COM $4.95 34 The First Villages Golf Star 40 Easter Memories Joan DeSalvo, a Village of Poinciana resident, loves to celebrate Mother’s Day with her daughter-in-law Stephanie and her granddaughters Grace and Lily. Cover Celebrate Motherhood Villages mothers share stories of family get-togethers and lessons they learned from their children...Page 14 cover0512 copy.indd 1 4/17/12 10:29 AM

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The Villages - May 2012
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The Villages - May 2012