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Limitless Creativity by Computer by Theresa Campbell photos by Marianne Lobaugh and Mark DiOrio Don’t let the “techie” appearance fool you. Members of the Digital Scrapbooking Club are more like artists. The computer screen is their canvas; the mouse is their paintbrush. The club’s name is a bit of a misnomer, because a scrapbook is just one example of an end product among a wide variety that the work can result in. Other possibilities include slide shows with music and voice narration, and anything that can be printed from digital photos onto items such as apparel, mugs and posters. Club members are elated to discover that they can create just about anything their imaginations can dream up. Nancy Keen recalled how she was intrigued the first time she attended a Digital Scrapbooking Club meeting. She was amazed by the creativity of digital projects on display. “I thought it was just great,” Nancy said of learning step-by-step instructions about a computer software program that would allow her to create family albums, cookbooks, calendars and more. “I was taking lots of notes because I was thinking, ‘I would really like to do this.’” Flash-forward two years later, and Nancy is now creating numerous digital projects — more than she ever imagined — and is having a ball along the way. “This is my favorite club,” the Village of Sabal Chase resident said. JULY 2009

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The Villages - July 2009
Wellness Center Unveils Spa-like Home
Computer Unleashes Artists
Musical Man Celebrates 10
New Residents Sport Four Legs
Sports and Recreation
Brain Exercises
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The Villages - July 2009