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MAGICAL MOMENTS PRESENTS VETERAN TRIBUTE Quality entertainment with an important message. This is the goal of “ August Drums,” to be presented by Magical Moments Aug. 29-30 at Savannah Center. The show will meet the expectations of fans by providing an entertaining musical variety show, but it also will have a message, one that is felt strongly by the show’s co-director and producer, Larry Peddrick. As a former career U.S. Marine, Larry said he has been receiving correspondence from military friends about providing support for injured veterans and their families. Creating August Drums is one of the ways he believes he creates awareness for this cause. He hopes to bring awareness and support to the “wounded warriors” of our military who are returning from overseas conflict with debilitating injuries that will challenge them throughout their lifetime. “We’re going to continue to entertain with song, dance and comedy. It is upbeat. There will be a few ballads, but we stay on an upbeat kick,” Larry said. “The show will not be graphic or political, neither will it be overly patriotic or heavy,” he said. “We want to show the wounded Go & Do Entertainment Briefs Nadia Peddrick, co-director and producer of August Drums, practices one of her vocal numbers for the show. warrior’s perspective from both the individual and the family. We want to showthe human vein in a tasteful and respectful way.” Larry described the show as having popular music with military-related themes. The set will have live video and photographs as the backgrounds for the performers. He also said the cast and crew of 85 have been extremely positive about this show and supportive of its message. “The worst casualty of war is being forgotten,” Larry said. One cast member who appreciates the show’s message is Frank Porcelli, a resident of the Village of Silver Lake. “The show is to show our caring and pay tribute to the wounded veterans. I’m a disabled vet. I understand the trials and tribulations. These people deserved to be remembered for that. That is what makes this nation what it is,” Frank said. Frank also emphasized that the show would focus on being positive. “The show will be very uplifting. The dances are fabulous. The whole show is great. We have put a lot of work into it,” he added. “In this show, I’m doing a tribute to George Burns between each act. In the USO dancing number, I’ll be a sailor and I’m wearing my own Navy uniform.” Frank also said the entire cast is excited about “ August Drums.” “Their enthusiasm comes from the message that we are showing our appreciation to our veterans,” he said. Showtimes for “ August Drums” are 7 p.m. Aug. 29 and Aug. 30 at Savannah Center. Tickets are now available at The Villages box offices. Billie Cerovac, of the Village of Poinciana, dances with Frank Porcelli to Louis Prima’s Buona Sera. AUGUST 2008

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