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POLO FANS She admits sometimes the competition on the sidelines can be as intense as what’s going happening on the field. “I sit downstairs, because I like the closeness to the field. Being right near the horses and the action. We have competition cheering. Someone cheers for one team and I cheer for another. We try to get the competition going. To add to the excitement,” Williams said. The fans even have a cheer for a score. “Every time the score goes up we cheer, ‘And the score goes up another notch! Woo! Woo!’ After we had the Pretty Woman competition we changed the cheer to ‘And the score goes up another notch! Woo! Woo! (and the men say) well done,’” Williams said. On occasion, rowdiness has its perks. “When Barbados was here, the players wanted to make sure some people would be cheering for them so they brought about 10 shirts up to the stands before the game and they said, ‘the person who cheers the loudest will get one of these shirts.’ So we showed them that we can cheer loudly. I got the first one,” she said laughing. “We did cheer them on during the game. They appreciated it.” She enjoys the interaction with the players and finds them very receptive to meeting fans if they show interest. “I guess you think of polo as being a rich man’s sport, but the players aren’t. They’re just ordinary people who love their animals and their sport. I have found them so willing to interact with the fans. Even the ones who come from foreign countries. They can’t believe the fans here are so receptive to them and so friendly. It’s very easy to get autographs,” Williams said. She hopes that more Villagers will come out this fall and see what polo is about. Williams believes there are so many things to enjoy about the sport of polo. “You are there to enjoy the beauty of the animals. It’s a unique sport and one with a long history. Women play on the same teams as men; we have teenagers on the same team with mature players. It’s a differentkind of spectator sport. We have a beautiful facility and the people are very friendly and willing to answer questions about the game,” Williams said. The Villages Polo Club management also hopes that the fall season will draw more first-time spectators. “I’m most excited about this show being expanded to the other 70,000 residents who haven’t tried a polo match. I’m excited about reaching out to them. I think if they come here once they’ll likely be coming back on a regular basis. That motivates us,” Brown said. SEPTEMBER 2009

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The Villages - September 2009
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The Villages - September 2009