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SPORTS & RECREATION Jazz Workshop “There is a strong nucleus of players. We all enjoy playing the music. We enjoy each other. There is a very divergent group of personalities, but everyone seems to get along well. There’s always a lot of kidding going on,” Eiche said. During the three years the group has been playing together, Eiche believes they have improved. “It’s challenging to play. I love playing classical, big band, concert music and marches. It’s an instrument strong in show tunes. It’s versatile in the types of music you can play,” Jacobson said. She followed up classes with private lessons to hone her saxophone skills. “The workshop is really nice, because I joined to learn and practice sight reading,” Jacobson said of the challenge of playing music without prior practice. She believes the band is supportive of personal growth. “I love the opportunity to spread my wings a little bit in a safe environment where you don’t have to be perfect. It’s a place where you can try new things without having to be worried about being criticized,” Jacobson said. She finds her bandmates supportive. “They are an encouraging group of guys. It’s fun,” Jacobson said. Since resuming play five years ago, she is currently playing with The Villages Concert Band, the Sunshine Strollers and the Jazz Workshop. “It’s really fun to be playing music every day. It’s a part of my life,” she said. “It think we get better all the time. Dave brings in more challenging music. To his credit, he does a wonderful job and brings out the best in people. We’re fortunate to have him,” Eiche said. Eiche has found that his love of music has never waned. “It’s something to look forward to. It’s fun. It gives you a lot of enjoyment and a sense of personal gratification,” Eiche said. Big-band music was the initial attraction for saxophonist, Diane Jacobson. “I love that music. I love playing in a big band,” said Jacobson. Jacobson had only a few years of alto saxophone experience before moving to the Village of Mallory Square in 2002 with her husband, Charlie. When she discovered that The Villages Lifelong Learning College offers classes in instrumental music, she jumped at the opportunity to resume playing the saxophone. “I love music, and the opportunity was here. I could try it with Neil Nappi, who is fabulous to work with. I fell in love with playing (the saxophone),” she said. Jacobson also plays the flute and piano, but finds the alto saxophone has differences she values. Above: Diane Jacobson plays alto saxophone beside Jim Feltham. Left: The Jazz Workshop’s piano player is Earle Levier. SEPTEMBER 2009

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The Villages - September 2009
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The Villages - September 2009