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ITALIAN COOKING from Scratch BY THERESA CAMPBELL PHOTOS BY MARIANNE LOBAUGH Forget spaghetti sauce from a jar. Or dry pasta from a box. by her husband’s grandmother, mother and his Aunt Ritta. Food Italian Food Betsy Tirotti’s idea of cooking Italian is making everything from scratch — including fresh pasta from semolina flour — and relying on family-favorite recipes that were passed down “They were given to me when we got married,” said Betsy, a Village of Country Club Hills resident, as she shares cherished recipes obtained when she married her husband, Rich, 40 years ago. “I made his grandmother come over one day,” Betsy recalled. “I told her, ‘Tell me what it is that you need, I’ll buy it, and I’m going to watch and write it down.’” Betsy did just that, paying close attention to every detail of how Rich’s grandmother made homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs of beef and pork. She also received a recipe for veal scallopini from her mother-in-law, which is Rich’s favorite sandwich, while Aunt Ritta gave her recipes for cheesecake and manicotti made with homemade crepes rather than pasta. The Italian dishes were popular in the Tirotti household when the New Jersey natives were raising their three children, and they continue to be recipes in demand today during family gatherings. “Absolutely, I love my wife’s cooking,” Rich grinned, patting his belly. “Why would I keep her if she couldn’t cook? I love everything that she makes. She likes to cook and she likes to experiment, and look at me. I love it!” Betsy enjoys experimenting with fresh herbs, including fresh basil leaves in her pasta. She also relies on a pasta machine to make fettuccine from scratch. “I make pasta as often as I can,” she said. “I’ve always loved Italian foods.” OCTOBER 2008

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The Villages - October 2008
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The Villages - October 2008