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OCT. 2015 Local experts give you the facts about breast cancer, including prevention and early detection. Also, clear up misconceptions here. Hope and Progress There's good news about the medical field's latest advances in breast cancer treatments. A local doctor and breast cancer researcher shares the progress made and encourages women not to lose hope. 10 A Community of Support 14 Lean On Me 20 Celebrating Life After Breast Cancer 62 Festival Kickoffs The Villages becomes a sea of pink during October. Take a glimpse at the breast cancer awareness efforts of public safety, clubs and organizations, businesses and more. Find out why the Tri-County Breast Cancer Support Group has become a trusted and valued gathering place for women diagnosed with breast cancer. The overwhelming majority of women diagnosed with breast cancer live on and live well. Meet some incredible residents diagnosed as recently as a few months ago to almost three decades ago, and learn how they're embracing and celebrating life after cancer. Fall festivals are upon us in The Villages and residents couldn't be more excited. Find out what you can look forward to at three popular annual events this month at the town squares. COVER October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This month and all year long, be an advocate for early detection and support research, too. SponSored by PREMIER MEDICAL ASSOCIATES Cover Pink Background: Maria Dryfhout/iStock/Thinkstock 8 Knowledge is Power Cover Ribbon: Eivaisla/iStock/Thinkstock 4 FEATURES

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The Villages - October 2015