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Sports & Recreation Shuffleboard BIG SC RE Skill. Strategy. Shuffleboard buffs say it takes both to play the game that they love, and they note there’s more to shuffleboard than propelling discs from a cue onto the diagram at the opposite end of the court. It’s all about trying to score points, protecting your score, preventing the opponent from scoring and having a good time along the way. Ray Gensinger, of the Village of Amelia, has found that since joining The Villages Shuffleboard Club, which currently has 50 teams, is a great way to meet others who are just as passionate about the game. Aiming for a by Theresa Campbell “You meet people all the time because you’re playing different teams,” said Ray, captain of the Odell Geckos. “It’s great, and you make new friends.” The game also provides low-impact activity that the Village of Amelia resident appreciates. “I have a bad knee and can’t play pickleball or do a lot of activities that involve extensive walking or running,” Ray said. “But with this, you use your upper body and are still getting some exercise.” Ray plays competitively every Wednesday afternoon with his team. He also plays shuffleboard for fun with friends at least two to three times a week. “I love it,” he said. “Everywhere I go, I try to tell people that it’s absolutely great fun. For me, the challenge is to try to get the opponent into the kitchen, which is a minus 10 points. It takes the right speed and aim to hit the other opponent just right.” Gary Marcus, also of the Village of Amelia, recalls how years ago he announced that he’d never be caught on a shuffleboard court. Jean Duston and Ken Elliott play a game at Savannah Center during an instructional clinic. NOVEMBER 2008

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