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Improved strength, flexibility and balance Increased mental focus Enhanced self-esteem and confidence And a proud feeling of achievement. These are the benefits Villagers are experiencing from practicing martial arts. Whether they choose karate or taekwondo or wear a white or black belt, residents say the self-defense regimens from the East are providing them with a way to feel invigorated and powerful. His sense of humor continues throughout the intense 75-minute session of Martial Arts for Life. “ Arms up,” Aiello instructs. (Twosecond pause.) “Now give me all your money.” In between wisecracks, Aiello also gives wise instruction and detailed explanations of moves — this sensei (lead instructor) does have a serious side. The sixth degree black belt has taught for more than 40 years and safety is his top priority. “Do only what you can do,” the Village of Winifred resident instructs every member of the class. Aiello said he used to run a traditional karate class but now prefers a slightly more casual atmosphere. His current mode of operation includes a challenging physical workout with some routines set to modern music mixed with “katas” (karate practice routines) with an emphasis on self-defense. It has the basic appearance of a karate dojo (school), but Aiello made a few modifications to ensure his students’ safety and comfort. — By STAFF WRITER Martial Arts for Life If you don’t mind your sensei mixing snappy one-liners with snappy martial arts moves — Lee Aiello is the karate instructor for you. “We want to work those love handles,” Aiello said recently during a core exercise session. DECEMBER 2010

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The Villages - December 2010
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The Villages - December 2010