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MEET KAREN KOCHER PEER REVIEW F 38 or some learning leaders, learning came first, and the specifics of the industry in which that knowledge is applied followed along. For others, a commitment to a specific industry was the foundation, and learning sprang forth as a solution for the advancement of, and advancing in, that industry. For some, it’s a bit of both. Like, for instance, Karen Kocher, CLO for Cigna. Learning has been a hallmark of her career in many different positions, but she’s also working in an industry that captured her attention at age 15. She’s explored outside the healthcare and insurance arena, but she doesn’t seem to get far from it. Karen started working in insurance during her high school summers, and from there she developed a love of business. Over the years she worked in a variety of functions, including HR, IT, sales, risk management, claims and medical management. Her professional career did take her to non-insurance companies, such as IKON and IBM, but she originally started in healthcare with Aetna about 20 years ago, and about five years ago returned, joining Cigna’s learning team. For Karen, it’s the best of both worlds. She’s in an industry she knows from the ground up, and learning helps her see the big picture of the industry from a variety of perspectives. That’s important, of course, since her job role leaves her responsible for the talent development of all employees, leaders and board members internally, and also external stakeholders like producers, brokers, providers and members. Sound like a busy role? Imagine this: While Cigna employs 27,000, Karen’s ranks of learners are “somewhere upwards of 12 million.” “Obviously we don’t touch every single person daily, but we do put things forward to assist each of those groups. At any point in time, it could be any of the 12 million that’s the focus of our attention and the focus of our efforts,” Karen said. Making that mission possible is the fact that learning is becoming a two-way street, where learning leaders push opportunities out, while learners pull them in at the point of need. “They have the opportunity to be touched every day,” Karen said. “Each and every day we are touching somebody.” Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2008 / A Training Industry, Inc. ezine /

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Training Industry Quarterly - Spring 2008
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Training Industry Quarterly - Spring 2008