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CLOSING ARGUMENTS | TIM SOSBE BY NOW YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED THAT THIS IS NOT JUST ANOTHER BUSINESS PUBLICATION. WE’RE LOOKING FOR YOUR INPUT. WELCOME TO THE PEER-PREVIEWED PUBLICATION A t first glance, it might seem different having an editor’s letter at the end of a magazine, and waiting until the reading is over (at least for you linear types) to offer a welcome is certainly different. But really, what better way to set the stage from the start? We are different, and we’ll prove it. So welcome, at last, to Training Industry Quarterly ezine. You’re finishing up the first issue of the training and development industry’s newest publication, and I hope you know by now that you’re in for something a bit more unique than the traditional business publication. Certainly some of the standard items you’d expect to see are here (feature articles and columnists for instance), but I also hope you found some differences to embrace. For instance, we’ve worked to keep articles shorter, and we’ve included summary sidebars and takeaway information to help you quickly get to the heart of the matter. We’re also focusing throughout on the impact of learning, and our case studies and profiles are focusing more narrowly on specific learning initiatives. But all of that is only a small part of the difference Training Industry Quarterly will offer its readers. At the start of this ezine, you met Kaliym Islam, our guest editor for this inaugural edition. Long before Kaliym penned his own column, he previewed the major features planned for this issue. He offered his thoughts to the authors, with the end product being a publication that’s passed through the hands of a representative sample of the target readership, and came out stronger on the other side. Got Thoughts? In short, we’ve done away with the “you should have” aspect of publishing to focus on the “why don’t you” potential. To put it another way, we're closing the barn door before this horse goes wandering around where it doesn't belong. So now, finally, it’s in your hands. I hope you’ll agree that the attention to detail has made a difference, and that we’ve provided you with a publication that can share business intelligence, best practices and bright ideas with you. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Training Industry Quarterly, if only to help with the next issue. While we’re waiting for your insights, we’re looking ahead now to the to the July 2008 issue of Training Industry Quarterly ezine, when we’ll be sharing some new information on simulations in learning, as well as a report on managing innovation. Guest editor Steve Arneson (with his years of experience as Capital One’s learning leader) is hard at work in consultation with the authors and advisors, and I know you’ll appreciate the results of his careful planning. So until next time, let’s continue to focus on the future. There’s so much good yet to come. Tim Sosbe is editor of Training Industry Quarterly ezine and general manager of webinars for Training Industry, Inc. Email Tim at 47 Passing in Review The real differentiator, the really unique approach, should happen quietly, behind the scenes if you will. And it all starts long before you click into the ezine, with the peer-preview process at the planning stages of each publication. Before the first word is written, our editors and experts put their heads together, and talk about what will go into the next issue. We then take those plans and run them past the baker’s dozen on our Editorial Board of Advisors. These learning leaders meet with editors to preview the editorial plans, offering advice, input, suggestions and resources. That’s unique in and of itself for the publishing industry, where most of the quality control comes with a review process after publication (when it’s too late, in other words). But hold on … we’re not done with the preview process yet. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2008 / A Training Industry, Inc. ezine /

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Training Industry Quarterly - Spring 2008
At the Editor’s Desk
Winning Organizations Through People
Before You Buy…
Learning Technologies
Take Your ROI to Level 6
LCMS: A Critical Link to Learning Success
Establishing Best Practices for Learning Governance
Training’s Role in Continuous Improvement
Meet Jim Mitnick
Meet Karen Kocher
Meet Christina Cernuch
The Personal Side of Personnel Training
Closing Arguments

Training Industry Quarterly - Spring 2008