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[ TAC TICS] 7 Strategies for Employee Self-Development BY STEVE ARNESON, PH.D. In the face of this global economic crisis, many organizations are cutting back on formal learning. This leaves training professionals with a daunting challenge—how to continue the focus on continuous learning with fewer dollars? How do learning organizations drive the message that learning and development is still important, when they may have fewer resources to invest in training programs? One answer is to encourage employees to deReading It can be argued that reading has become a lost art, one that has been replaced by skimming or, more to the point, googling. There’s no question that “looking up information when you need it” has revolutionized corporate learning. However, in my experience, very few employees establish a disciplined reading rou- velop themselves. There are dozens of ways that employees can continue their own learning, but learning professionals need to get creative about putting those ideas in front of their employees, and need to do a better job of marketing “do it yourself ” development. Here are seven simple themes and strategies for encouraging employees to continue their development—without the benefit of a big training budget. “taught” how to read—as strange as that sounds. This is where a corporate learning PR campaign comes in. Training professionals should be establishing recommended reading lists, specific to the company’s industry and structured for individual functions like IT, HR, Marketing, Sales, Operations, etc. The corporate university should be enlisting sponsors 19 1 tine of the latest business books, trade journals or periodicals (even if they are accessing these resources online). There are at least three broad categories of continuous learning that employees ought to be accessing via reading: 1) their functional area of expertise (i.e., Finance, HR, IT); 2) their industry; and 3) general business and global trends. In a way, employees may need to be Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2009 / A Training Industry, Inc. ezine /

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Training Industry Quarterly - Spring 2009
The American Heart Association: Learn and Live
Winning Organizations Through People
The Business of Learning
Learning Technologies
Best Practices for Certification Training
7 Strategies for Employee Self-Development
Learning Today: Collaborative, Social and Learner-Driven
Driving Corporate Performance through Learning Partnerships
Meet Dale Towery
Meet Milynda Weis
The American Heart Association: Learn and Live
Closing Arguments

Training Industry Quarterly - Spring 2009