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LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES | RICK J. CROWLEY TWO TECHNOLOGIES EVERY LEARNING FUNCTION SHOULD REVIEW GREAT TECHNOLOGY TOOLS: VIDEO & VOICE L earning leaders and technologists should not just focus on formal training. If they do, they miss a huge opportunity to improve knowledge transfer that fills in any gaps around formal training. Putting a little process and governance around technologies that capture informal training has demonstrated payback that either equals or exceeds the value of formal training. The only exceptions here are compliance and/ or certification training, which both can generate significant value directly and indirectly. The two technologies that I recommend every learning function review are voice-over Powerpoint and video search. Let’s look at each of these technologies in a little more detail. Voice-Over Powerpoint Voice-over Powerpoint functionality enables companies to increase communication effectiveness by empowering stakeholders across key functional areas to easily create and deliver multimedia presentations that can be viewed by internal and external audiences. Functionality to look for should include: • Software as a Service (in the cloud), so one cost can cover everything from global availability to support. • Ease of use, which is incredibly important for your stakeholders to be self-sufficient. • Online Training on the use and optimization of the product. Video Search Some reports say content in companies is growing at a rate of 50 percent annually. The challenge with video is getting to the content that the learner is looking for without having to review the entire video. Video search that brings you to the exact place is a great tool for the growing repositories of video. Functionality to look for should include: • SaaS, for the same reasons given as above. • Search has to be intuitive and easy to use. • The results need to bring the learner directly to the timestamp where the video addresses the search. Summary As a tool for sales, voice-over Powerpoint is incredibly useful to make sure the customers are actually getting the message. It is not just the voice-over capabilities that allow a sales rep to personalize the message to their customers, but the fact that the link sits on a server supported by a supplier organization. When users register themselves, the salesperson will receive an e-mail with information about how much of the presentation they actually watched. Video search saves the sales team time by allowing them to go directly to the part in the video that addresses their questions/concerns, which saves time. This allows the sales rep to review the video, grab the slides needed with video and re-assemble them to create a custom presentation for their targeted audience. It is an incredible way for an organization to leverage video as a communication vehicle and measure its success. Rick J. Crowley is an active consultant on learning technology and architecture. Prior to that Rick was senior director, learning systems, for NetApp University, a driving force behind Cisco’s e-learning adoption and implementation and held the position of director of technology training for Oracle. E-mail Rick at 11 TrainingIndustry Quarterly, Fall 2010 / A Training Industry, Inc. ezine /

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