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World Class Managed Learning Ensuring the best Value for Money for all your training KnowledgePool relieves leading L&D teams from the repetitive, time-consuming work of training administration and supplier management. Our vendor independent managed service frees up your time for more strategic business partnering while reducing the total cost of learning through efficient service delivery and rigorous continuous improvement analysis. We offer: Demand planning and intelligent scheduling to route individual learning needs to the most costeffective solution (including informal, internal and online options). A web-enabled service which automates the repetitive processes to book, authorise and evaluate formal training. Access to experienced learning advisors for a highly personalised service. Specialist training supplier management with scale buying power, consolidated invoicing and consistent quality control. Fast and accurate evaluation of all your learning, including low cost measures of learning outcomes (Kirkpatrick Level 3). Management information for all your learning activity, enabling high quality decision making and effective skills management. For further information visit Alternatively email us at Named as one of the Top 20 companies in the global training outsourcing industry by

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Training Industry Quarterly - Fall 2010
From Where I Sit
Training Industry Top 20
At the Editor’s Desk
The Training Associates
Winning Organizations Through People
Learning Technologies
Knowledge Pool
Performance & Productivity
Kaplan It Learning
Learning Design for Every Mind
Rapid Intake
The New Era of Mobile Learning
The Essential Tension: Developing Leaders around the Globe
Manager Engagement: Reducing Scrap Learning
Partnering For Performance Conference
CASEBOOK: American Bankers Association
FOCAL POINT: The Right Stuff: Engaging Learners
Closing Arguments
Delta College Corporate Services

Training Industry Quarterly - Fall 2010