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FROM WHERE I SIT | DOUG HARWARD Volume 3 Issue 4 Fall 2010 I FINDING COMIC RELIEF Publisher Training Industry, Inc. 401 Harrison Oaks Blvd., Suite 300 | Cary, NC 27513 (919) 653-4990 CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Doug Harward EDITOR IN CHIEF Ken Taylor EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Tim Sosbe ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Neal Gagnon COPY EDITOR Emily Tipping CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS Rick Crowley Don Duquette Julie Winkle Giulioni Doug Harward Tracy Hollister Charles Jennings Barbara Jordan John R. Mattox II, Ph.D. Dr. Michael O’Connor Tim Sosbe Karen Voloshin Dr. Tommy Weir COVER ART: © Rolffimages | If you haven’t seen the new sitcom, “Outsourced,” I’m sure you’ve heard plenty about it, and probably already formed an opinion. The fact that some people can laugh at what others deem offensive demonstrates free speech in our society. One of the creators of “Saturday Night Live” once said the show finds humor around potentially offensive topics because you can’t ignore the elephant in the room. Exporting jobs to India and China may be that elephant, and unemployment is certainly no laughing matter. But let’s be clear, our economy depends on companies outsourcing services: It’s been estimated that more than 70 percent of the North American workforce serves companies that perform some form of outsourced services. Let’s understand what outsourcing really is: A business strategy where one company performs a service for another company (or individual) that chooses not to do it themselves. For example, using an accountant to do your taxes is outsourcing. Going to the doctor is contracting with a subject matter expert. Have you eaten at a restaurant? I love letting a skilled chef cook my meal. From where I sit, politicians and the media have completely distorted the truth about a strategy that is inherent in our society. It’s offshoring, not outsourcing, that really rankles: Having someone from another country do work that could be done at home (and even that often makes strategic sense). It’s time to quit bashing an industry we depend on and to honestly face today’s economic realities. If at the same time you can chuckle at an elephant in the room, why not? Doug Harward is CEO of Training Industry, Inc., and a former learning leader in the high-tech industry. E-mail Doug at EDITORIAL BOARD Jeneen Baret, Manager of Information Technology IT Learning Group, Cisco Systems Robert Campbell, VP of Learning, Cerner Corp. Ed Cohen, Executive Vice President, Nelson Cohen Global Consulting Rick Crowley, Learning Technology Consultant John Hovell, Senior Manager, Learning Architecture, Lockheed Martin Kaliym Islam, Vice President, Customer Training, Depository Trust and Clearing Corp. Barbara Jordan, Vice President, Learning, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Karen Kocher, Chief Learning Officer, Cigna David Lamb, Vice President, Learning & Media Services, Rollins Paul Leone, Manager, Leadership Development, American Express Alan Malinchak, Chief Learning Officer/VP, ManTech International Krys Moskal, Vice President, People Development, Pearson Scott Neeley, National Training Manager, Newell Rubbermaid Frank Shaffer, Chief Learning Officer, Cross Country Healthcare Irish Kennedy Smothers, President, Kennedy Smothers & Associates Kee Meng Yeo, Director, Global Learning and Development, Amway TrainingIndustry Quarterly,2010 2010 / A Training Inc. ezine / 33 TrainingIndustry Quarterly, Fall Fall / A Training Industry, Industry, Inc. ezine /

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Training Industry Quarterly - Fall 2010
From Where I Sit
Training Industry Top 20
At the Editor’s Desk
The Training Associates
Winning Organizations Through People
Learning Technologies
Knowledge Pool
Performance & Productivity
Kaplan It Learning
Learning Design for Every Mind
Rapid Intake
The New Era of Mobile Learning
The Essential Tension: Developing Leaders around the Globe
Manager Engagement: Reducing Scrap Learning
Partnering For Performance Conference
CASEBOOK: American Bankers Association
FOCAL POINT: The Right Stuff: Engaging Learners
Closing Arguments
Delta College Corporate Services

Training Industry Quarterly - Fall 2010