Training Industry Quarterly - Spring 2011 - (Page 33)

[SOLUTIONS] Video: The Next Hot Learning App? B Y T I M H U G H A N raining organizations are always companies can no longer cling to tradisearching for new ways to leverage tional approaches for getting knowlVIDEO IS existing programs and extend edge in the hands of its people (i.e., INCREASINGLY the reach of their training programs centralized creation, publication, beyond the classroom. Coupled with dissemination). Companies must BEING LOOKED AT the need to deliver knowledge faster TO MEET TRAINING take proactive steps to capture and to respond to new product and marshare both the official knowledge of OBJECTIVES. ket events, video is increasingly being the company as well as the knowllooked at to meet training objectives. edge of their employees. Training The speed of knowledge transfer can be organizations are in an ideal position the determining factor of strong or weak to organize and facilitate video-based customer service, a thriving or struggling sales knowledge capture programs that leverage force, a well or poorly informed global workforce, a desubject matter experts that meet training and pervoted or erratic customer platform, and most impor- formance support needs. tantly, outstanding or lagging company profitability. A growing number of forward-looking organizations Most senior corporate leaders would readily agree are turning to decentralized approaches of collecting that the wealth of their organization lies with the and disseminating corporate knowledge. By enabling knowledge locked in the minds of its employees. The users across the entire organization, from established ability to capture and share that knowledge in order to training departments to individual contributors in the maintain success and growth in ever-changing busi- field, to add to the corporate knowledge base, companess environments depends on the people. However, nies put themselves in a better position to increase proin today’s fast paced, globally competitive markets, ductivity and drive revenue. TrainingIndustry Quarterly, Spring 2011 / A Training Industry, Inc. ezine / 33 T

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Training Industry Quarterly - Spring 2011
From Where I Sit
At the Editor’s Desk
Performance & Productivity
Learning Technologies
Technical Training
Learning 2020
Developing High Impact Academia Partnerships
Sustainability – The Next Corporate Challenge
The LMS Evolution: Revolutionizing Form and Function
Video: The Next Hot Learning App?
Jackson Hewitt
Pay Attention to Knowledge Retention
Closing Arguments

Training Industry Quarterly - Spring 2011