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CASEBOOK Jackson Hewitt Tax Service: Training for Crunch Times “You’re trying to motivate and implement behavioral change for up to 30,000 people. Learning is a key tool for that mission.” Barbara Jordan Jackson Hewitt Tax Service B Y T I M S O S B E Y ou know what spring is like. At work you’re re finally getting caught up from the December holidays – just in time for a new slew of projects – and at home there are a million chores waiting, everything from the thorough spring cleaning to outdoor planting and maintenance. It’s a good thing we feel renewed energy, because the calendars are bulging at both ends. It’s crunch time, no matter how you slice it. Now, imagine it’s even worse. Imagine the pressure of doing your job intensified by the fear of making an error. Imagine a client in front of you, one on the phone and several more waiting in chairs, some of them im- patient, blame. patient frustrated and looking for someone to bla Imagine there’s a hard-and-fast deadline, an inflexible, rigid, April 15-type deadline where delay equals interest fees. Imagine that things just keep getting more and more hectic, right up until the moment when it’s all over … for another year. That’s crunch time, and it’s a reality for armies of accountants and teams of tax preparers everywhere. It’s the reality of the tax world, but it’s more than that: It’s a training bonanza. It’s a busy time with a busy agenda to support busy people. It’s crunch time, and it’s a time for training to shine. Actually, to be completely accurate, crunch time for 37 TrainingIndustry Quarterly, Spring 2011 / A Training Industry, Inc. ezine /

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Training Industry Quarterly - Spring 2011
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Sustainability – The Next Corporate Challenge
The LMS Evolution: Revolutionizing Form and Function
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Training Industry Quarterly - Spring 2011