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[TACTICS] Adding Social Media Tools to Learning Portfolios: 10 Questions to Consider B Y S T E V E A R N E S O N , P H . D . n the world’s most progressive companies, social media tools already play an important role in employee learning and development. But most companies have yet to fully embrace this purest form of “anywhere, anytime” learning. Perhaps your company falls into the latter group, content to watch and wait rather than be first to the latest technology party. If so, don’t worry – you’ve got plenty of time. Social media tools are here to stay, and new applications for corporate learning will continue to evolve. There are several tools you should I explore – from Facebook-type profiling pages to Twitter, RSS feeds, and Wikis. Micro-blogging sites such as Plurk, Tumblr and Jaiku deserve a look, as do text or voice messaging services like Train by Cell, and various video, webcasting, forum, and smart phone applications. For the purposes of this article, specific tools will not be recommended; however, as you build the business case for adding these tools to your learning portfolio, you should be prepared to answer these 10 “macro” questions to ensure a successful launch. What is your purpose? What learning or knowledge-sharing problem are you trying to solve (poor alignment to the mission, too many silos, lack of innovation)? How will these new tools help you achieve critical business goals? What potential development have you been missing because you didn’t have these tools? You can’t just put these tools “out there” because they’re cool – there has to be some widely recognized and appreciated value add. Have you clearly sold and communicated the purpose? 1 2 TrainingIndustry Quarterly, Summer 2011 / A Training Industry, Inc. ezine / 23

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Training Industry Quarterly - Summer 2011
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Training Industry Quarterly - Summer 2011