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[STRATEGIES] Bridging the Gap: Training and Business Results WHAT’S IN A PARTICIPANT’S IMMEDIATE WORK ENVIRONMENT THAT EITHER HELPS OR HINDERS THE TRANSFER OF LEARNING? B Y D R . P A U L L E O N E W hy is it that when we put two comparable individuals (or even groups and organizations) through the same exact training program, one might show an incredible return on investment (via improved employee behavior and productivity), while the other shows no change, no business impact, and ultimately yields a financial waste of time? Both participants begin at the same starting point (e.g., investment, vendor content, mode of delivery, etc.) and both set their sights on the same destination (higher productivity, greater revenue, etc.). So what goes wrong along the way? Why is one participant’s journey from training to business results so smooth and spectacular, while the other falters and plummets to an early, dismal demise? The answer is simple – they crossed dramatically different “bridges.” Like any bridge, there are critical “support” factors that allow us to “transfer” and traverse safely across to our destination. And if constructed carelessly, it crumbles under us leaving us flailing in the treacherous waters below. As expert architects in any industry, it’s up to us to find out what really sup- ports these bridges, design their structure, and uncover the environmental or “climate” factors that threaten their integrity. For training and performance architects, the question is – What’s in a participant’s immediate work environment (when they return to their desks) that either helps or hinders the transfer of learning from the training event to results on the job? Once identified, these factors become the dramatic support beams that drive deep into the ground, hold up our bridge, and can quite literally become the make or break of all our training programs. 27 TrainingIndustry Quarterly, Summer 2011 / A Training Industry, Inc. ezine /

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Training Industry Quarterly - Summer 2011
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Bridging the Gap: Training and Business Results
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Training Industry Quarterly - Summer 2011