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CASEBOOK UPS: Delivering Leadership Training “As the global economy y grows, we want to be prepared to provide learning solutions that are consistent, timely, and meet the development needs of f our people.” — Anne Schwartz, UPS PS B Y M I C H E L L E E G G L E S T O N nne Schwartz knows UPS – inside and out, from entry-level to executive leadership. Just like the training world in which she works, UPS is a business that’s all about delivery. The usual output may be parcels, but inside the company is supplying employees with something a little more intangible: Leadership and development training to potentially advance them beyond their current position. As the world’s largest package delivery company, UPS employs 400,000 people in 220 countries globally. While it’s best known for its door-to-door ser- A vices, package delivery is just one business unit at UPS. ess Behind the scenes, multiple business units are working in unison to ensure you receive (or send) your package conveniently and problem-free. Anne Schwartz knows package delivery well too, even though she’s now delivering something with more potential value than what normally fits in the standard UPS envelope. Now vice president of global leadership development, Schwartz started her 24 years at UPS as a package driver before working her way up through the ranks to lead workforce development. TrainingIndustry Quarterly, Summer 2011 / A Training Industry, Inc. ezine / 35

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Training Industry Quarterly - Summer 2011
The Formula for Performance
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Training for Transformation
Working Smarter: New Ways of Learning
Classroom Training: 7 Scary Problems
Technical Training: Where Does it Belong?
Social Learning: Focus on Collaboration
Performance Management: Focus on People…and Profit
Adding Social Media Tools to Learning Portfolios: 10 Questions to Consider
Bridging the Gap: Training and Business Results
Managing Knowledge in High Performance Organizations
Web 3.0: Transforming Learning
The Soft Touch

Training Industry Quarterly - Summer 2011