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[STRATEGIES] Onboarding: A Driving Force for Employee Engagement B Y R U T H K U S T O F F T he importance of onboarding new hires to ensure engagement early on is becoming widely recognized. Organizations need to make a good first impression, and an onboarding program helps provide this. As onboarding activities have become more common, there has been a growing recognition that this is a comprehensive approach to build employee engagement, which helps foster organizational alignment more quickly. What is engagement, and why has it become so important? As the economy has slowed, and headcount has been cut, the importance EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT OCCURS IN A CULTURE OF OPEN COMMUNICATION AND RECOGNITION. of every employee’s level of productivity has increased. And, we have come to learn, when employees are fully involved and enthusiastic about their jobs and their organizations, they are more productive. In this way, the recession has had an impact on the increase of onboarding programs. As companies have lessened their workforce, remaining employees are often tasked with additional work to compensate for the loss. According to the Aberdeen Group, 57 percent of 466 survey respondents identified the economy as a factor in the increase of onboarding programs in 2010. These same respondents identified employee engagement and integration into the organization as the most important goal of onboarding. Employee engagement occurs in a culture of open communication and recognition of each individual’s contribution toward the success of the organization. Employees are motivated to work toward the goals of the organization, because doing so provides personal and professional satisfaction, growth and suc27 TrainingIndustry Quarterly, Winter 2011 / A Training Industry, Inc. ezine /

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Training Industry Quarterly - Winter 2011
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Training Industry Quarterly - Winter 2011